Splendour's Carbon Offset Ticket

Over most of the past decade Splendour has been a leader in the Australian music event world when it comes to tackling carbon emissions. During this time Splendour has developed innovative programs to deal with carbon emissions generated from both the production of the festival as well as emissions created by punters travelling to and from the event. Splendour currently offsets 100% of all production related emissions that cannot be avoided or reduced. Our goal for managing punter travel emissions is to offset 100% of these emissions after all other reduction strategies such as public transport, car pooling, shuttle buses and pedal power have been exhausted.

Once again in partnership with Climate Friendly, Splendour offered environmentally switched on patrons the opportunity to purchase a Carbon Offset Ticket. This long-standing environmental program allows people to offset some or all of their travel carbon emissions through an investment in clean wind power generation. For $3.00 including GST patrons can offset the equivalent emissions of up to a 450 kilometre road trip based on an average family sedan vehicle.
 Monies raised from carbon offset ticket sales are invested by Climate Friendly who offset the punter's carbon cloud by funding renewable energy projects and forest protection projects that save the same amount of greenhouse gas as the punter emits. All of the projects are independently verified and meet the highest global accreditation standards including the Australian Government's GreenPower Program.

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