Eco Cops

There’re back! Of course there’re back, the Eco Cops are an infamous part of Splendour’s festival vibe and play an important role in promoting our environmental programs.  In 2013 the Eco Cops will be stronger than ever, handpicked from environmental science faculties across the East Coast, these guys are full of great information and are constantly geared up for a chat.

Poised and ready, these guys have a burning desire for all things environmental, they are the dudes you need to hook up with if you have question about one of the many environmental programs we have on offer this year. Want to know all about the environmental works taking place at the North Byron Parklands? Then you need to get cosy with our Eco Cops.

The Eco Cops will be patrolling inside the event area daily.  They prefer to encourage good behaviour but, may be compelled to remind those of us who, have a lapse in concentration and, commit an environmental faux pas to embrace a responsible attitude towards our local environment.

Let’s make their job nice and easy this year and show them some love by embracing the Eco Cops.


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