Eco Cops

They are not so much Eco Cops as they are Eco Warriors.  The incredibly successful Eco Cop’s will be back for 2014 and bigger and bolder than ever!  The Eco Cops are well and truly a part of Splendour’s environmental outreach.  Each year these willing and able environmental science students rove the event area ensuring that everyone is minimising their impact on the environment.  The Eco Cops are fully equipped with a body of information about all of Splendour’s environmental programs as well as formidable knowledge of all things environmental, so if you see them flag them down for a chat, or a hug, or high five…

The Eco Cops are primarily a part of the festival to keep everyone fully aware of best practice environmentally responsible behaviour.  The Eco Cops will be patrolling inside the event area daily.  They prefer to encourage good behaviour but, may be compelled to remind those of us who, have a lapse in concentration and, commit an environmental faux pas to embrace a responsible attitude towards our local environment.

Let’s make their job nice and easy this year and show them some love by embracing the Eco Cops and showing them support in every way you can!


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