Green Chiefs

The Green Chiefs have now become a tried and true successful environmental program for Splendour in the Grass. Each year we recruit groups of highly motivated environmental science students to spread environmental cheer throughout the campground. The Green Chiefs are camped in accommodation, provided by our festival accommodation partner Tepee Life, throughout the North Byron Parklands and are tasked with encouraging responsible environmental behaviour by all.

These guys will be working their way, on a daily basis, through the campgrounds helping to keep the place shipshape and providing information about recycling and general waste facilities for our campers – you can make their life a little easier by ensuring that you recycle all of your appropriate materials (aluminium cans, plastic, cardboard, tin cans, tetra packs, etc).

They will also be walking the walk in the proverbial sense as everything from their costumes to their accommodation is made from recycled materials. 

The Green Chiefs have made, or rather are making, a career out of looking after the environment so please support them when you see them walking through the campground, in other words give em a hug!


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