Green Chiefs

The Green Chiefs will be back for the third year running and this year they’ll be louder than ever...  Last year we set out to refine the program put in place in 2011 where we recruited a swath of environmental science students to camp in prominent Tepees (provided by Tepee Life), dress up in crazy Green Chief costumes, and then unleashed them on our Splendour campers.
When we piloted the program we hoped that our Green Chiefs would lead by example and show our campers where they can recycle and what goes in our Splendour camping recycling system.  We got so much more...  Our keen Environmental Scientists embraced the role and went to great lengths to ensure our site looked great.  Chiefs could be heard throughout the campsite.  These guys took the program to a new benchmark and it’s got to go up from here! We will be housing the Green Chiefs in Tepees (made from bamboo and recycled billboards) throughout the entire campground this year.  

The Green Chiefs love a chat, they are all too happy to chat with punters about Splendour's environmental programs and take on board any suggestions, you the camping gurus may have to lighten our environmental footprint.

Splendour’s not just concerned with broad environmental issues we also love a new home and really want to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill from the camping ground but we can’t do this without your help. So check out what can be recycled (aluminium cans, plastic, cardboard, tin cans, tetra packs, etc) and make sure you do your bit to green Splendour.


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