Environmental Initiatives

Since it’s inception Splendour has been accented with green. Environmental responsibility has been ever present in all of the festivals operations and as Splendour has evolved so has our attitude towards environmental responsibility.  Splendour continues to place great importance on environmental management and, over the years, has accumulated an enviable track record.  Last year, 2013, we received our finest result in the independent Greener Festival Award, Splendour was one of only three Australian festivals that received the highest possible accolade of ‘Outstanding’! Well done everyone we couldn’t have done without the support of our loyal fans.

As well as a suite of internal procedures designed to reduce our impact such as; our various environmental policies, Splendour also has a range of other programs aimed at engaging everyone from the festival attendees to production staff. 

This year these programs will include our;

To help Splendour maintain its solid environmental track record we encourage you to check out the all of our environmental links above and learn how you can help keep the grass green.


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