Where do I find info about accommodation in the surrounding areas?

Please go to our Accommodation pages.

What's the closest accommodation to North Byron Parklands?

Brunswick Heads is the closest accommodation centre, although Byron Bay has a much larger range of options. The Tweed Coast also has some good accommodation available. Please check out our 'Accommodation' pages.


Do I need a Splendour Camping Ticket to book Tent City, Tepee Life or Flashcamp?

Yes. To book Tent City or Tepee Life or Flashcamp you MUST have already purchased a Camping ticket. Then you can book - at your own additional expense - the services provided by Tent City or Tepee Life who will erect your tent or tepee so it is ready and waiting for you when you arrive. 

All Ages Info

Is the festival all ages?

Yes, but anyone aged 15 or under going to the event will need to be accompanied in and around the festival precinct by a parent or responsible adult, unless they are camping on site in which case anyone under-18 must have a parent or responsible adult guardian in their camping group.

More information can be found here.

Are under-18s allowed into bars or licensed areas?

No. Any minors found in these areas will be evicted from the festival and may face prosecution. This includes minors in the company of responsible adults - those aged under-18 cannot enter such areas even if they are with a parent or other adult.

Are kids aged 11 and under still allowed in free?

Yes. Please bring some proof of age when they come to the festival. They will also need to be in the company of a parent or adult guardian at all times.

What age does a responsible adult have to be?

Technically, an adult is anyone aged over 18, however, it is not our preference that an 18 year old should be responsible for minors in and around the festival or campground (especially the latter). Anyone who is considering being the nominated adult in such circumstances should consider this responsibility very carefully. They will be responsible for the behaviour of all minors in their care. They will not be able to enter bars or licensed areas (including entertainment venues such as the Cocktail Bar, the Wine Bar or any other bar area) with minors. There are strict laws concerning consumption of alcohol by minors and those caught doing so - or supplying alcohol to minors - will face police action and will be evicted from the festival.

At the Festival

What forms of photo ID will I need to get into the festival?

Not only will you need the below Identification to get through the festival gates, the Splendour entertainment precinct is a licensed area and as such you will be required to show ID to purchase alcohol. Splendour will only accept the following forms of Identification:

  • Current valid Australian driver's license (with photo)
  • Current Passport
  • Government Issued Proof of Age Card
  • Victorian Keypass
  • International Driver’s License (must contain a photograph)


If you cannot produce ID you will be treated as a minor and excluded from all bar service and bar areas.

For under-18s who don’t have a driver's license or a current, valid passport, we will also accept a copy of your birth certificate PLUS one of the following:

  • Student ID Card
  • Bus Pass
  • Bank Account Statement in your name

Please note that anyone aged 15 or under attending Splendour In the Grass MUST be accompanied at all times by a parent or adult guardian. Children aged 11 years and under get in free.

For more information please read the Ticket Terms & Conditions and our Youth Policy here.

What items ARE NOT ALLOWED in the festival area?

Glass, cans, alcohol brought in from outside of event bars, illegal drugs, skateboards, boogie boards, milk/bread crates, chairs (folding, portable, camping), anything studded (i.e. belts, wristbands etc), weapons of any kind, fireworks, fire twirling devices, warning flares, video and tape recording devices, professional still cameras (small still cameras ARE allowed), laser lights, umbrellas (use a plastic poncho or a raincoat instead), water pistols, any other items considered illegal or dangerous, animals.

What items ARE NOT ALLOWED in the campground area?

Campfires, fireworks, fire twirling paraphernalia (sticks, balls etc), warning flares, alcohol, illegal drugs, skateboards, boogie boards, couches, anything studded (i.e. belts, wristbands etc.), weapons of any kind, fireworks, professional still cameras (small still cameras ARE allowed), laser lights, umbrellas (bring a plastic poncho or a raincoat instead), water pistols, any other items considered illegal or dangerous, strictly no animals.


Will airport shuttles service North Byron Parklands?

As Byron Bay is a major tourist centre it is serviced by numerous airport shuttles that operate from Ballina-Byron Airport, Gold Coast Airport and Brisbane Airport. Most have good online booking facilities. Check to see if they list Splendour or North Byron Parklands as a drop-off/pickup point. We recommend booking in advance as these services are very popular. See a list of operators here.

What buses will Splendour run in 2014?

There will be a number of festival bus services operating between the festival and surrounding areas, including frequent shuttle services to Brunswick Heads and Byron Bay from Wednesday for campers staying on site.

Camping Info

Is the Camping Ticket per campsite or per person?

It's per person, i.e. everyone who is camping needs a ticket.

How many campers can stay on site?

The campground can accommodate 17,500 campers this year.

Where do I find info on other campgrounds?

There is loads of info online for varying types of accom in the Byron area, but our Other Campgrounds page is a good starting point as it contains everything from campgrounds to the places where the richy rich and celebs stay.

Apart from Byron's Bay's own campgrounds, there are also great campgrounds at Brunswick Heads in the north and in the south at Broken Head, Lennox Head and Ballina. 

Why do I have to buy a vehicle pass as well as an Event-Camping ticket?

Vehicle passes are one of a number of initiatives we have introduced to help alleviate traffic congestion. The plan is to reduce the number of cars on the road by encouraging carpooling – the more people you have in your car the cheaper this pass will be per person. In fact, if you have 3 or more people in your car when you arrive, you will get your money back via a voucher that will be issued that you will be able to redeem on site.

Why do I have to arrive on the day stated on my vehicle pass?

Again, this is a measure to help reduce traffic congestion on the very busy days. If you want to arrive on a particular day, you’ll need to get onto moshtix.com.au and secure one once the passes go on sale on June 12 at a date to be advised – it will be first in, first served & once the allocation for a particular day has been reached, there will be no further passes available for that day. 

Can I bring a camper trailer or campervan?

Yes. If you are bringing a vehicle or caravan to sleep in, you MUST pre-purchase an RV Park Pass to do so. You will not be allowed to park and sleep in the campers carpark.

Can I 'upgrade' or exchange my Event-only ticket for a Event-Camping ticket?

No. Camping tickets are separate to an Event Ticket. Camping tickets can be purchased in addition to an Event Ticket. You can purchase a Camping Ticket at a later date, subject to availability. If you know you would like to camp on site, we recommend that you purchase a Camping Ticket when you purchase your Event Ticket.

Do I need a camping ticket to book Tent City, Tepee Life or Flashcamp?

YES. To book Tent City, Tepee Life or Flashcamp you MUST have already purchased a Camping Ticket. You may then choose to use - at your own additional expense - the services provided by Tent City, Tepee Life or Flashcamp who will erect your tent or tepee so it is ready and waiting for you when you arrive.

Why do you sell camping tickets per person & not per site?

We do not sell campsites as the campgrounds are not divided into individual sites. When you & your group arrive, you will be allocated enough space for your tent/s. You DO NOT receive a site for each person. Again we need to stress, space is limited.

How much space do we get for our campsite?

It's big enough for your tent and some outdoor space, but you will be close to your neighbours. Please do not go over the top with your camping setup as space is at a premium. Overly elaborate campsites are discouraged, so you will be asked to downsize if you arrive with enough gear to re-create your lounge room.

Do we get to pick our own camping spot?

No. When you arrive at the campgrounds you will be shown where to set up camp. Please remember that space is tight in the campgrounds.

Are there powered sites?


When can I arrive at Splendour to set up my campsite?

You can arrive anytime after 10am on Wednesday 23 July.

If we have our friends’ camping tickets, can we reserve a spot for them next to us?

No. To camp together you must arrive together. Besides, they’re not going to be able to get into the campground without their tickets.

Our friends are coming in another car. Can we camp together?

You MUST arrive at the same time as your friends if you wish to have neighbouring campsites.

My friends have a different day on their vehicle pass, is there any way we can camp together?

No, you must arrive together. To do this you’ll need to have a vehicle pass for the same day for each car in your group. Organise with your friends when you want to arrive before vehicle passes go on sale so you all purchase passes for the same day. 

I don’t have a camping ticket but why can’t I stay with my friends? It’s only one more person?

Every year loads of people hassle us about being "just one more person". The campground has a set capacity that we must adhere to, so once camping tickets sell out we simply cannot put anyone else in there.

Can my friends staying elsewhere visit me in the campground

Sorry, no. Only those with Camping tickets or wristbands are allowed in the campground. Anyone found in the campgrounds without the correct wristband will have their event band confiscated and will be ejected from the festival.

We only want to camp one night – is it still the same price?

Yes. There is only one price for the camping tickets.

Can under-15's camp as a group?

No, there MUST be at least one parent or adult guardian for every 3 minors in a camping group.

More information regarding under 18's patrons can be found in our Youth Policy.

Can under-18's camp as a group?

No, if your group contains under-18s there must be at least one parent or responsible adult guardian for every 3 minors. While technically an adult is anyone aged over 18, it is not our preference that an 18 year old should be responsible for minors. Anyone considering nominating themselves as the responsible adult in their group should consider this responsibility very carefully. The festival may require both adult and minor/s to sign an "Accompanied Minor Form" on arrival at the festival.

More information regarding under-18s patrons can be found in our Youth Policy.

What’s the security like in the camping area?

Apart from on-site Camping Marshals, there will also be security personnel. The marshals' campsite for each area is marked with large banners. All queries and concerns should be directed to your marshals. 

Is it safe to leave my valuables in my tent?

No. Despite the best efforts of our staff and security personnel there are still scumbags who steal other people's belongings. Leave valuables in the boot of your car or deep in your pockets. Alternatively, we will have lockers on site which can be booked beforehand, visit lockerbox.net.au for more info.

Can I bring my own generator?

You can bring your own generator, however we have a noise curfew between 12am & 7am in the campgrounds & your generator must be turned off between these hours.

Can I bring alcohol into the camping area?


Can I bring fireworks into the campground?

No. Fireworks are totally prohibited in the camping or festival area. If you ignite fireworks you will be removed from the site and may be the subject of police action.

Can I bring my ghetto blaster or crank up my megawatt subs in my car?

Please don't, as your fellow campers may not agree with your taste when it comes to music. Leave it at home and travel light.

What other items aren't allowed into the campground area?

Fireworks, flares, fire twirling paraphernalia e.g. sticks & balls etc, alcohol, illegal drugs, couches, weapons of any kind, any other items considered illegal or dangerous, strictly no animals. All gas equipment must have a current stamp or tag of compliance.

Can we have a fire at our campsite?

Patrons are not permitted to have campfires of any type at Parklands campgrounds, although gas stoves and gas cookers are ok. We will have supervised communal bonfires at a few locations throughout the campgrounds & event area. if you light a campfire you will be removed from the site and may be the subject of police action.

Will there be toilets & showers in the campgrounds?

Yes. Shower and toilets will be brought in to service the campground. Please be considerate to the environment when using these as there is no permanent water supply to the site, which means all water has to be purchased and transported in and out of the site.

AND we’re very excited to say we will have some fantastic new toilet and shower blocks which have been purpose built just for you.

Can I park next to my tent?

No. In the interests of a better camping experience and to help manage space better, we’ve adopted the method used by legendary music festivals around the globe, such as Glastonbury and Roskilde, where there are no cars within the campgrounds. This has created a great camping culture at these events, and we saw it here too for Falls Festival Byron over the 2013 / 2014 New Year.

Car Passes & Traffic

Where is the patron drop-off area?

Enter via the main gate off Tweed Valley Way and turn left and follow the signage to the patron drop-off area.  Once passengers have left the vehicle it will be directed to exit straight away.

When are car passes on sale?

Car passes will be available for sale from moshtix in mid June at a date to be advised.

How much are car passes?

The cost for vehicle passes will be made available in the coming weeks.

Why do I have to buy a car pass as well as a festival ticket?

Vehicle passes are one of a number of initiatives designed to help alleviate traffic congestion. The plan is to reduce the number of cars on the road by encouraging car-pooling. In fact, if you are an Event and Camping ticketholder and have 3 or more people in your car (including you) or 4 occupants if you're parking in the day carpark, you will get a refund on your pass fee. 

Why do I have to arrive on the day stated on my car pass?

This is a measure to manage traffic loads on the very busy days. By limiting the number of vehicles entering the site each day through capping the amount of vehicle passes available daily we can reduce the potential for traffic to clog local roads and site entries. If you want to arrive on a particular day, you’ll need to get onto moshtix.com.au and secure a pass when they go on sale in mid June.

What if I arrive on a different day to what’s shown on my pass?

If camping patrons arrive on a different day to that shown on their vehicle pass, they will be held back from entering the campers carpark until event staff determine that they can join the traffic flow.

Event-only patrons in private vehicles will only be admitted to the carpark from Friday to Sunday - the day carpark is closed on Wednesday and Thursday.

What if I arrive without a vehicle pass?

Don't. Catch a bus instead. It is worth noting that the event’s traffic plan has been formulated in conjunction with the Police, the Road and Maritime Service and Byron Shire Council. All of those authorities support the car pass plan and expect us to enforce it.

If I’m camping on site how do I leave to get supplies when we can't take our cars out again?

Try to get all of your supplies before you get to the site. Otherwise the General Store may have what you need, but if not then shuttle buses will be available for trips to and from Ocean Shores Shopping Village, Brunswick Heads or Byron Bay. More info on both locations can be found here.

Are Campers Carpark Passes refundable?

Yes, but only on site when and if you arrive with 3 occupants (each with a valid Splendour 2014 ticket or wristband) in the car then you can claim a refund on your parking fee. If you need more passengers visit Jayride.

Are Day Parking Vehicle Passes refundable?

Yes, but only on site when and if you arrive with 4 occupants (each with a valid Splendour 2014 ticket or wristband) in the car then you can claim one refund for that day's parking fee. If you need more passengers visit Jayride.

Can I drive in and out of the campers carpark?

NO. Once you have entered the site and your vehicle is parked in the campers car park you cannot move your vehicle until you depart the festival.

I only want to use the carpark for one or two days. Do I still have to pre-buy a Day Parking Pass?

Yes, Day Parking Passes are per day. You can buy a pass for Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Simply buy for whatever day or days you're planning on driving to the site.

What if I have purchased a Campground Vehicle Entry Pass and am no longer bringing my car or attending the event? Am I able to get a refund?

No, a change in your personal plans or circumstances does not warrant a refund. However, please note that you can pass it onto someone else. These passes do not carry the same non-transferable features as the event tickets.

If there's going a resale facility, will the Vehicle Entry Passes be part of it?


Why can’t Event-Only Ticketholders drive to the site until Friday?

We don’t want those cars clogging the roads on Wednesday or Thursday. Also, the carparks are not available until Friday as we are using them on Wednesday and Thursday as part of the internal vehicle queuing process to get vehicles off the approach roads faster. Please use the public transport provided.

Carbon Offset

What are Carbon Offset Tickets?

For over five years, in partnership with Climate Friendly, Splendour has offered festival goers the option to buy a carbon offset ticket. For an additional investment over the regular event ticket price most or all of your travel emissions are completely offset (depending on how far you travel to get to the festival).

In 2014 we have some fantastic plans to manage our internal emissions which we’ll let you know about soon.

Where can I learn more about managing my carbon emissions?

Climate Friendly’s website provides heaps of information about climate change and how you can play your part in reducing your carbon footprint. Check out www.climatefriendly.com

Dates & Venue

What are the dates & venue for Splendour 2014

Splendour in the Grass 2014 will take place at North Byron Parklands on Friday 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 July.

Splendour took place at Belongil Fields from 2001-2009. In 2010 and 2011 the festival was temporarily relocated to Woodfordia, near Woodford Qld, but the intention was always to return to Byron Shire. In 2012 Splendour was once again held in Belongil Fields whilst approval for the new North Byron Parklands site was still pending. 2013 saw Splendour take place at its now permanent home at North Byron Parklands. More info on North Byron Parklands can be found here.

Where is North Byron Parklands located?

It's located about 9km north of Brunswick Heads, 25km north of the Byron Bay CBD or 40km south of Tweed Heads. It is on the Tweed Valley Way about 1.3km north of the Yelgun interchange off the Pacific Highway. Buses will run to and from surrounding locations. Approx 15 mins drive from Byron Bay for those wanting to take their vehicle.

When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets go onsale to the general public at 9:00am sharp AEST, on Friday May 2.

When is the lineup usually announced?

The main stage artist lineup was announced on Wednesday 23rd April. See here.

Disabled Access

What’s the site like for getting around?

It’s a predominantly flat site with grassy fields and a few gravel roads. There are walkways to provide access into the amphitheatre. Like any outdoor field, it can become muddy after continuous rainfall.

Can I get some info about disabled access?

Once you have secured your ticket, get in touch with us via the Contact Us page and a week or two before the festival we will email you information regarding access, parking, toilet locations, on-site contact details etc.

Will there be a viewing area for people in wheelchairs?

Yes. We will have dedicated viewing platforms in the amphitheatre and big tops. For comfort and space, each eligible person can only be accompanied by one other person.

Is there parking close to the festival site?

We do have parking set aside for eligible patrons close to the site entrance, but please get in touch with us (via the Contact Us page) beforehand.

Food & Markets

How do I apply for a Food or Market Stall?

For more info visit www.theoutpost.net.au

How do I contact a market stall I saw at Splendour?

Please contact The Outpost via their Contact Page Here, with your query including a good description of the stall and its location.

Kids & Child Minding

Are there any kids entertainment facilities or child-minding services available on-site?

Yes, Little Splendour (formerly known as Kidz Klub) will include baby change facilities, an art space, workshops, sports and games area, clowns and entertainers, face painters, sand pit, chill out zone, jumping castle, dressup, music performances and much more.

Are there any age restrictions?

The festival is all-ages, but anyone aged 15 or under MUST be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian at all times.

Can I bring a stroller/pram?


Do kids get in free?

Only if they’re aged 11 and under. Anyone over that age needs to purchase a ticket. We have to adhere to a capacity limit and every body on the site (even if they're only small-ish bodies) counts towards that total.

Is there a discount for children?

No, but kids aged 11 and under get in free. Parents/guardians will need to provide proof of age for those aged 11 or thereabouts who may be mistaken for 12 or 13...or 14. Those aged 12 or over must buy a ticket, and of course be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian at all times.

Local residents

What plans will you have in place during the event if I want to call regarding noise, traffic, litter or patron behaviour?

We will have a Hotline that will be advertised in local papers and on flyers letter-dropped throughout the area. Calls to this number will be answered by specific Hotline operators who will contact our ECC (Event Control Centre) which will house festival staff and representatives from key stakeholders such as the Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Medical Personnel etc. This allows any calls to be handled by the appropriate service in a prompt and coordinated manner. A mobile Community Response Team will be out and about on local streets ready to respond to calls regarding litter, parking, camping.

Will you have shuttles buses running to the festival from the Ocean Shores area?

Yes, details will be available soon. Those using buses will need to possess an event ticket/wristband.

What measures have you taken to reduce traffic?

As a way to promote car-pooling (and fewer cars) and public transport, all vehicles driving to the site must first purchase the appropriate car pass. In the case of campers, quotas will be applied to the quatity of Campers Carpark passes available each day as a way of managing the number of vehicles allowed to enter the property in a given time period. Similarly, those wanting to use the venue carpark will need to pre-purchase a Day Carpark Pass. In both cases, these car pass fees will be refundable if a vehicle contains 3 or more occupants (in the case of campers) or 4 occupants (in the case of day parking). Furthermore, campers have been told that once their vehicle is parked in the campers carpark, it cannot be moved again until they depart the festival. This will prevent unnecessary vehicle movements in and around the venue. Shuttle buses will be available for campers to travel to Brunswick Heads and Byron Bay. A General Store on site will reduce the need for campers to travel off-site for supplies.

I have to drive past the site each day. What times should I avoid?

Please note vehicles entering the site must pre-purchase a car pass nominating their day of arrival. The quantity of car passes for sale each day is capped to control the number of vehicles entering the site each day (most importantly for prime camper arrival times on Wed, Thurs, Fri). Our first campers will start arriving at 10am on Wed 23 July. On Thursday and Friday campers can arrive from 7am through to midnight. Those staying off-site can access the venue carpark from 10am Friday to Sunday. Main stages close by midnight Thursday to Sunday so departing traffic will be busy around then, although we do keep some areas on site open to 2am to assist in a staged departure from the site each night. 

Will the music go all night?

The main stages will finish by midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Secondary stages and eateries etc can stay open until 2am each night. On Thursday, some secondary stages will be open but will close by midnight.

What do I do if I want to make a noise complaint?

Please call the Hotline. Calls to the Hotline will first be logged with caller details and location. This info will then be passed onto acoustic consultants out in the surrounding area who will attend the location to take readings. The engineer then has a direct line to the Event Manager who in turn has direct communication with stage managers on site. Should one of the stages be identified as the source of sound exceeding approved levels, the sound engineer will be ordered to reduce the volume or offending frequency until the acoustic consultant confirms to both the festival and the resident that noise levels comply.

Can we get free tickets because we live close to the venue?

Splendour and North Byron Parklands have an arrangement in place with immediate neighbours of the venue to make up for any disruption or inconvenience. At North Byron Parklands, this zone does not extend to localities such as Crabbes Creek, The Pocket, Billinudgel, South Golden Beach, Fern Beach, North Ocean Shores, Ocean Shores.


Is there an application form for bands to play Splendour?

No, there isn't a formal application or submission process, other than for the triple j Unearthed act and local bands that appear on the bill, but there are no details as yet for how that will work for 2014.

Please don't email or post us material as unsolicited band submissions are not considered when booking the festival.

How do performance artists, dancers, circus artists etc apply to perform?

Email answers@splendourinthegrass.com and we will pass your inquiry onto the curator for these areas of performance. Please note we give preference to performers from the region surrounding the festival.

Will you have some local bands from the Byron region on the main stages again next year?

We sure will. In 2013 they were selected through the triple j Unearthed program. The selection process for 2014 won't be advised until after our main lineup announce so stay tuned.

How do DJs from the Byron region get to play in the Tipi Forest?

Please send us an email via answers@splendourinthegrass.com and we'll forward it to the Tipi Forest manager.

Will the Buskers Stage be back in 2014?

It sure will be, stay tuned for more details.

Splendour Members

What is the Splendour Members Club?

It's a club for people who have bought tickets to and attended at least five Splendour in the Grass festivals. Members get exclusive access to the first release of Splendour tickets in the Splendour Members Presale.

How do I contact moshtix if I have a question?

The best way to contact moshtix is by sending an email to ticketsupport@moshtix.com.au and one of the lovely moshtix ticketing support team will respond to your query as quickly as possible.

I've now been to 5 Splendours? When can I apply to become a Member?

Applications for the 2014 year have closed but keep an eye on our website or sign up for our newsletter so you receive news in early 2015 when we do the next call-out for applications.

What do Splendour Members get?

Access to exclusive first release tickets to Splendour in the Grass where they can purchase up to 4 tickets, that’s one for them and three for their mates.

How do I prove that I've been to five Splendours?

This year's applications have now closed but watch out for news in the new year regardng how to become a member in 2015.

If I qualified as a member in the past but didn’t go last year, do I have to re-apply this year?

No, you’re still in. Welcome back.

When is the Splendour Member presale, and what's the link to purchase tickets?

Splendour Members should ensure that they carefully read and understand their Splendour Member email correspondence and the information in the FAQs.

Splendour Members will receive detailed information directly via email regarding the process of purchasing tickets in the pre-sale.

I'm a Splendour Member and already have a moshtix profile, is that all I need for the pre-sale?

For Splendour Members who already have a moshtix profile, your presale access will be loaded into your moshtix account automatically, so you should be all set.

We recommend logging in to check or update your details so you're ready for the big day. To log into your moshtix account go to http://www.moshtix.com.au/. If you have forgotten your password, please follow the 'Forgot Password' instructions to have it resent to your email address.

Apart from that, you'll also need full names (ensure correct spelling) and dates of birth for anyone who you're purchasing tickets for.

I'm a Splendour Member but I do not already have a moshtix profile, what do I need to do?

For Splendour Members who do not already have a moshtix profile, moshtix will create a moshtix account for you which will automatically have your presale access loaded into it.

Your moshtix profile will be created with a random password and you will receive a welcome email from moshtix confirming your registration and containing your account details.

What if my email address has changed?

Your moshtix profile will still function correctly even if it's linked to your old email address, however it is important that you change your email address before you buy your tickets and they are sent!

You can log in to moshtix.com.au and update your moshtix account with your correct email address. If you are having trouble, please contact ticketsupport@moshtix.com.au

Student info requests

I’m a student wanting info on the festival for my project, essay or study purpose. Can you answer my questions?

Afraid not. We get loads of such requests and we simply don't have the time or resources to answer each and every query, all of which differ depending upon the course of study or particular project or assignment being undertaken.


What's happening with ticket resales and/or reissues this year?

These services may or may not be happening. A decision at our discretion will not be made until after tickets have gone on sale.

Are event and camping tickets separate tickets this year?

Yes they are. You will need a Camping Ticket to stay at North Byron Parklands. You will need an Event Ticket to enter the festival. 

I missed out on tickets. How can I buy tickets from people who can no longer attend?

Only through the official Resale service via moshtix, which may be introduced after tickets go on sale. Do NOT purchase tickets from unauthorised re-sellers or online auction sites such as eBay or gumtree. Names cannot be changed on tickets and these tickets may be fakes and you will most likely lose your money AND be refused entry at the venue. The festival will not be held accountable for and cannot assist anyone who disregards this information and buys tickets from anywhere other than through the official outlet moshtix.

If I can’t make it, can I get a refund?

No, however there are official options if we provide a Resale facility this year which is yet to be determined.

If I can’t make it, can I sell my tickets to someone else?

Only if the we implement an official Reissue and/or Resale facility via moshtix. A decision on whether or not these facilities will be offered will not be made until after tickets have gone on sale.

What do I do if I stuffed the date of birth or spelling of a name on a ticket?

Email ticketsupport@moshtix.com.au with the details of the correction you'd like to make. Include as much information about your order as possible, including your username, order ID number and correct details and clearly request the change you'd like made. Please note this is only for minor corrections to misspelt names or slightly incorrect dates of birth. It does not refer to changing full names and/or DOB details.

Can I use Splendour's facebook to try to buy or sell a ticket?

Any posts on our facebook about buying and selling tickets will be removed. Names and d.o.b. details on tickets cannot be changed anyway.


How much are tickets to this year's festival?

Event tickets (Camping NOT included):

3-DAY (Friday to Sunday,also includes Thursday access) = $355*+ booking fees

SINGLE DAY (Friday or Saturday or Sunday) = $149* + booking fees

* Carbon Offset Option - add $3 per ticket. 

Camping Ticket:

5 NIGHTS (Wednesday to Monday) = $99 + booking fees

Have a read of our Ticketing Info page here.

Is there a limit on how many tickets I can buy?

Yes, you can buy tickets for up to 4 people, including the ticket purchaser. Make sure you have the correct name and date of birth for each person as these details are printed onto their ticket.

If I can’t make it, can I pass it on or sell it to a friend?

No. Your ticket has your name and date of birth on it, which means it is non-transferable to another person.  However, ticket resale or reissue services may be offered via moshtix.com.au, but we are yet to determine whether such services will be provided this year.

Can I 'upgrade' or exchange my Event-only ticket for an Event-Camping ticket?

No. Camping tickets are separate to an Event Ticket. Camping tickets can be purchased in addition to an Event Ticket. You can purchase a Camping Ticket at a later date, subject to availability. If you know you would like to camp on site, we recommend that you purchase a Camping Ticket when you purchase your Event Ticket.

Why did I have to supply my name and date of birth?

It’s an anti-scalping measure we introduced in 2006. All tickets have the attendee’s name and date of birth printed on them and then the ticket-holder has to provide matching ID to enter the festival. 

How many tickets can you sell?

25,000 event tickets and up to 17,500 camping tickets will be sold to this years event.

What if I lose my ID before the festival?

Get it replaced ASAP. You must have valid ID to enter the festival. This isn’t just a ticketing requirement, it’s a legal requirement. Even with a valid ticket, you will not be admitted without ID.

A valid ID is a current photo driver's license, Proof of Age Card or a current, valid passport. For over-18s, student ID cards do not qualify, nor do household bills or letters. For under-18s who don’t have a driver's license or a current, valid passport we will also accept a copy of your birth certificate PLUS one of the following: a student ID card; a bus pass; a bank account statement in your name.

What if I think someone has a copy of my ticket?

At the event, we will be scanning the barcode on every ticket at the gates. Our scanner will display the name on the ticket; so your ID, our scanner and the ticket must all match. Rest assured, any impostor will be stopped at the gates! However, if you are concerned this has happened before the event, you can get your original barcode cancelled and a new one reissued. For any ticketing queries, please email ticketsupport@moshtix.com.au or phone 1300 GET TIX (438 849).

Are wristbands exchangeable, i.e. can I pass mine onto my friend if I don’t want to stay?

No, once your wristband is on, it should not be removed. Event staff will be checking wristbands over the weekend to check for breakages, stretching etc.


How do you select workers and volunteers?

We only use people who are already known to those directly involved with the festival, or who come recommended by trusted friends of the festival (who will have to vouch for your honesty and reliability). Sorry, we no longer accept random applicants.

When should I apply to volunteer?

If you believe you satisfy the criteria outlined in the above FAQ, please wait until May and then email work@splendourinthegrass.com  NB: We do not finalise workers & volunteers until June long after tickets have gone on sale. If you want to be sure of attending the festival, we advise you to purchase a ticket while they are available rather than waiting to see whether or not you gain a volunteer spot. We usually have more applicants than there are positions available, so not everyone who applies for a volunteer spot will get one.

Are there any age restrictions for workers and volunteers?

Yes, workers and volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. We do not accept volunteers who are under 18.

When will I find out if I have a volunteer position?

We usually notify successful applicants in June. We do not specify a date as staffing is just one of many aspects of planning that we have to cover.

Please note, if you send us an unsolicited work/volunteer email between August and April, you will receive an auto-response and your email will not be registered or replied to.

Why can't you tell me whether I've got a volunteer position before tickets go on sale?

That's the way our planning timetable runs. We've got loads to organise and volunteer rosters are just one item on a very long ‘to do’ list. Also, doing rosters too early means we end up back-tracking when people pull out if they get a ticket or change their plans.

What jobs do volunteers perform in return for a ticket?

Volunteer staff work shifts in the entry tents, internal traffic control, car park co-ordination, recycling, camping etc, alongside paid personnel. Volunteers are required to do an average of 20-24 hours, depending upon the role’s level of responsibility or difficulty, in return for a full event ticket.

We don’t use volunteers for bars, ‘artist liaison’, production, publicity or admin. We don’t use any volunteers in backstage roles.

Is camping at the festival included if I get a volunteer or paid position?

Yes, a camping spot is provided on site as part of the volunteer program. 

Who organises Cleaners?

Our cleaning contractor for 2014 is yet to be confirmed.

Who organises bar staff?

Those interested in paid bar work at Splendour should email: splendourbarwork@gmail.com

Please note that local applicants will be given preference. These are paid positions, not voluntary, and bar staff do not get to see the show. You must have a current Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate to be considered for a bar position.

Can I get a secondment/internship as a production/event management/promotions assistant?

Not really. Each year we do have arrangements in place with select tertiary institutions to utilise some students in relevant positions, eg enviro science students as Eco Cops, but beyond that the best work experience available is in the abovementioned volunteer shifts such as wristbanding, camper registration, on site traffic control etc.

Can I help with admin/publicity or backstage in artist liaison?

Sorry, no. We have people for those positions. Also note we do not use volunteers in those roles.

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