From the dimly-lit back alleys of LA's garage scene, two fierce-as-hell rock divas have emerged. Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards thrash out skuzzy guitar riffs, gritty vocals and exhausting drums. The pair created a stir in the UK and US, hooking the interest of English bands The Vaccines and Muse who requested their presence as tour supports. And they recently got to know a bunch of new fans in Australia when they toured.  In the girls' own words ‘We are valley girls. We sing the blues. We play rock'n'roll. We sweat. We move. We groove. We are Deap Vally.’ Delivering a set that’s sure to inject you with the pick me up you need, Deap Vally will seduce with their debut EP Get Deap and tempt you with a few new tracks from their soon to be released album in June.


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