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Hey Splendourites!

Want first dibs on tickets for Splendour 2017? You know you do!

If you've been to Splendour in the Grass FIVE times or more we would like to reward your loyalty by giving you first dibs on #SITG2017 tickets, so here's the deal... Show us the evidence to prove that you've shared no less than FIVE fab Splendour's with us, and BOOM you're a member.

So what's in it for you? We're glad you asked! You're first out of the blocks with an exclusive presale where you'll be able to buy up to 4 tickets to Splendour 2017... guaranteed!

Your attendances don't need to be consecutive, but we'll need to verify them.

Splendour Member applications close on Monday 20 February 2017 at 5:00pm


We'll get back to you on the success of your application by Monday 27 February 2017.

Information about the exclusive Splendour Members Ticket Presale will be emailed to Splendour Members (old and new) imminently, so sit tight.

If you're already a Splendour Member and have changed your email, congratulations, we hope that's working out for you! Simply log into your moshtix account and update it with both your old and new email address ASAP, so we can update our records and you can get all the info you'll need for the exclusive member presale.

Got a question about your application? Email: [email protected] and we'll get you sorted.

Team Splendour XO



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Remember Splendour in the Grass 2016? Three perfect, passport shredder days of music and merrymaking with your mates. Glory days!

And if you weren’t there, we’d like you to take a minute to think back to the struggle – all over your news feed, the stories you were forced to endure, the afterglow you witnessed.

Music lovers, it’s time to call the boss and book your hols! The 17th annual Splendour in the Grass Music and Arts Festival will take place at North Byron Parklands from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 July.

Onsite camping will be available from Wednesday 19 July.

Stay tuned for lineup info in a few month’s time.

Friday 21, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 July
North Byron Parklands
126 Tweed Valley Way, Wooyung


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Nothing says ‘Splendour is almost upon us’ like the release of these final handy tips! 

From weather and woolly socks, to fires and first aid, we encourage you to take a few moments to read the following info so you’re totally up to speed and festival ready! 

The Splendour App is your festival BFF, so get busy and install or update (for iPhone iOS & Android), so you’ve got all the handy hints at your fingertips! 

OK…just so we’re all on the same page, a TENT PASS & CAR PASS are vehicle passes. You need to have a valid 2016 Camping Ticket to purchase one of these vehicle passes. If you have purchased a TENT PASS or a CAR PASS and you DON’T have a valid Camping Ticket, please contact moshtix urgently here.

If you do have a valid Camping Ticket, and intend to drive to the event, don’t forget to pre-purchase your TENT PASS or CAR PASS. All the info can be found here.

We’ve got a new system in place for 2016 when you arrive at the campgrounds – a brand new car search and processing area. Don’t be a dick and try to bring booze into the campgrounds, or drugs, which are illegal. Otherwise you may find yourself out on yer arse!

Here’s what you’ll need to make it through to the campgrounds

  • Pre-purchased vehicle pass (CAR PASS or TENT PASS) printed and displayed on the driver’s side dashboard;
  • Event and Camping tickets for ALL vehicle occupants;
  • No banned items. Vehicle searches WILL take place in this area;

If you have a 3 day Event Ticket and intend to park your vehicle in the car parks at the event, you will need to pre purchase a DAY PARKING PASS. Head to moshtix here to secure your pass now.


It’s complicated. Like any coastal location the weather can be somewhat unpredictable. So to maximize happiness and comfort, go for style and substance. Prepare for the best of both worlds - beanies, warm jackets, doonas, cosy socks and something weather proof. A trusty pair of gumboots will never go astray either. Cloudy with a chance of ponchos!

Splendour is a large town in its own right and a town needs policing. Police and security will both be present on site.

You may be searched on your way into Splendour, so please don’t bring anything you shouldn’t!! Drug detection dogs will be at the festival. If you are stopped because a dog indicates you may have drugs, this gives Police ‘reasonable suspicion’ and they are within their rights to search you. If you are searched, you have rights – knowing them will empower you to navigate the process.

Police random breath testing units will also be active on local roads.

Anyone attempting to gain entry to the festival without a valid event ticket either on foot, by private vehicle, bus or other means is considered to be trespassing and therefore breaking the law. Under the Inclosed Lands Protections Act 1901 NSW Police will be issuing on the spot fines of $350 for trespassing, and trespassers will be evicted from the North Byron Parklands site. Police & Security will also be patrolling neighbouring properties and the surrounding areas of North Byron Parklands enforcing these trespassing laws.

All persons travelling to the event via bus will be checked for a valid 2016 festival ticket or wristband prior to boarding, and will not be allowed on the bus without this.

Event-only patrons are NOT allowed to enter the campground. Any event-only patrons found in that area risk being evicted from the festival.

We take your health seriously and expect you to as well. Our comprehensive health service includes on-site doctors, paramedics and a chill out area. The main Medical facility is located just inside the Main Entry gates.

Our PATRON SAFETY HOTLINE number is 1300 940 928, which is specifically for those at the festival to call regarding any safety, medical or security matters. This number will be on display around the site.

If you require first aid or assistance please either make your way to a first aid station, speak to the nearest security guard who can make radio contact with the medical team, or call the Patron Safety Hotline. If you have a chronic medical condition, please consider carrying info about your illness and an emergency contact number on you at all times and make sure your festival traveling companions are worded up too. If you have asthma or other allergies, please come to Splendour prepared with your medication. Always present to First Aid if you have any worrying symptoms or are experiencing health difficulties.

If you or anyone near you is experiencing any of these symptoms, please get to First Aid ASAP for professional, medical assistance.

  • Feeling overly hot, freezing cold or just plain sick
  • Collapsing or fainting
  • Severe stomach cramps or diarrhea
  • Severe headaches
  • Becoming irrational or confused
  • Trouble breathing and / or wheezing
  • Losing consciousness
  • Having a fit or convulsing 

Please wear proper footwear! This means NO FLIP FLOPS, THONGS, SINGLE or DOUBLE PLUGGERS, JANDALS, SLIPPERS or any footwear that exposes your toes!! Minor foot injuries to those with bare feet or wearing thongs take up too much of our first aid team’s time. BYO back-up band-aids and analgesics or you will be required to provide the medics with a gold coin donation for their provisions.

Please remember to drink lots of water throughout the day. EMPTY plastic bottles of water (no glass or metal) or soft drink can be brought into the entertainment precinct. You can get refills from water taps on site or in the bars.

A breathalyser service to allow drivers to get an indication of their blood alcohol content will be on site at the Byron Youth Services tent and Keys Please Kiosk, both located near the Main Entry gates.

Don’t drive if you’re tired or intoxicated. Organise a designated driver or catch a bus instead.


The responsible service of alcohol is integral to providing an enjoyable, safe event for all patrons and staff. Liquor will not be supplied to disorderly or intoxicated patrons or to anyone who is under 18 years of age or who does not have the requisite ID.

The festival is a licensed area and you will need to show ID to purchase alcohol. Only the following forms of ID are acceptable:

  • Valid Australian Drivers Licence (i.e. not expired)
  • Government Issued Proof of Age Card
  • Passport (Original)
  • International Drivers Licence (must contain a photograph)

Please note that the following measures are necessary as part of the compliance required by the festival under liquor licensing laws:

  • No alcohol can be brought into the festival area or day carparks.
  • The campgrounds and camping car parks are No Alcohol areas.
  • All patrons are subject to bag searches upon entering the festival and campgrounds area.
  • Please see the full list of banned items at
  • Any banned items found during searches will be confiscated and not returned
  • The event organiser reserves the right to refuse admission to any person who shows signs of being affected by alcohol or drugs.
  • Alcohol cannot be brought onto or consumed on buses travelling to and from the festival.
  • Any minors found in possession of alcohol will be removed from the festival and will be subject to police action, as will those who procured the alcohol for them.
  • As per Splendour’s Youth Policy, those aged 15 or under must be accompanied at all times by a parent or responsible adult in the event. Those aged U18 who are camping must be accompanied by a responsible adult or parent.
  • Don’t forget to pace yourself, especially if you’re driving. There is a large variety of non-alcoholic beverages and food options available across the festival site.

Campfires are NOT permitted in the campgrounds by agreement between the festival and fire authorities. Anyone lighting a fire will be ejected from the festival. This includes fireworks, flares, fire twirling or anything else that ignites and goes boom. There will be supervised communal bonfires at a few locations throughout the event area, and some mushroom heaters.

Splendour has an extensive festival bus network in operation during the event. Fares and bus schedules can be found here 

Don’t be a lead foot. Please drive carefully both to and within North Byron Parklands. Please observe internal speed limits and take regular breaks on the highway. Do not enter or leave the venue on foot. Those riding pushbikes should leave them in the bike parking area located in the northern carpark and proceed on foot to and from the festival entry. If you’re a day parker, please park only in designated car parks, not by the side of North Byron Parkland’s internal roads hoping we won't notice.

Parklands is surrounded by townships with residents and small business most of whom graciously welcome you with open arms, so please be cool! Be sure to observe traffic plans and don’t speed through neighbourhoods. Please don’t litter or pee in people’s front yards hoping you won’t get caught. If you’ve decided to set up camp illegally on the street the Byron Shire Council Rangers will find you, and slap you with a sizeable fine for your trouble.

Splendour provides a huge economic and cultural boost to the Byron and Tweed Shires, but as responsible members of this community we also need to reduce the impacts of the event on the local area. Please show some consideration by following these tips:

  • Respect the local community and environment.
  • Do not enter or attempt to camp in the nearby nature reserve. Penalties apply.
  • Do not camp in or around your vehicle on nearby roadsides, parking lots etc. Council rangers will be on the lookout for illegal camping or people sleeping in cars. Maximum penalty exceeds $1,000.
  • Do NOT park on nearby roadsides. Fines apply for illegal parking.
  • If walking in residential areas, please keep the noise down.
  • Use your accommodation as a place to sleep, NOT to party. Your neighbours need to rest.
  • Do not litter – use the bins provided or hold onto it until you find a bin.
  • Please use public toilets. When travelling to and from the festival, plan ahead so you don’t get caught short.
  • Avoid the centre of Byron Bay late at night – there isn’t much open, there is no public transport (other than festival buses) and taxis are in short supply.  


  • Please bring VALID photo ID that corresponds with the name and date of birth printed on your ticket as both must be presented for admission.
  • Prepare to be searched upon entry (including bags and camping equipment). Unfortunately, we need to do this and your co-operation is appreciated. Please see these lists of items banned in the campground and inside the event area.
  • Stage diving, crowd surfing and moshing are prohibited.  Those attempting such activities risk being evicted.
  • Aggressive behaviour is rare at Splendour, but anyone who does behave in a threatening or inappropriate manner towards other patrons or event staff will be removed from the festival.
  • Your wristband is your ticket! As such you are expected to wear your event wristband for the entire festival. This is your pass in and out of the festival. Any persons found not wearing a valid wristband will be evicted from the event.
  • Patrons must not damage flora and fauna or enter any on-site bodies of water.
  • Be a Splendour Unfucker and keep your festival litter free. 

Those wanting to BUY a ticket have the opportunity to do so, subject to availability, but only until midnight AEST TONIGHT Monday 18 July at Tickets offered for resale will be made available at the regular, advertised price. We are unable to predict how many tickets will be returned, or when tickets may be available during the resale period.

Buy now through or phone 1300 GET TIX (438 849). 

Optus and Splendour in the Grass have partnered to bring you a completely immersive 360 short, virtual reality content series. Dive into the heart and mind of award winning Australian hip hop artist Illy, as he prepares to perform at this year’s festival! Step into the artists' secret domain - his city, the studio and rehearsal room – for first hand insight into Illy's vision and dedication to his craft. Narrated by Illy, it’s boldly crafted in his own words. Click here to check it out! 


Never fear because triple j is here! 

From Friday all through to Monday morning (for the recovery session), triple j will be plugging into the stages and beaming the best of the fest direct to you.

With live sets from Flume, The Avalanches, James Blake and heaps more as well as interviews, news and all the backstage antics, get frothing on all the festival action without even putting your gumboots on.

Tune in to triple j from July 22-25 for everything Splendour. For more info, visit

See you in a few sleeps!

Love Team Splendour xo


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Hey Splendour Campers! It’s officially time to dust off your tent and hammer those pegs back into shape!

And because we want you to be happy campers, we’ve put together these handy tips for stress-free camping to make your Splendour as brilliant as can be.

So before you start to pack your gear, remember to read the IMPORTANT INFORMATION on the front and rear of your Camping Tickets, along with the information below.


The Splendour campgrounds at North Byron Parklands open at 10:00am on Wednesday 20 July, not beforehand. As much as we love you, please do not arrive before this time.

On Wednesday, campers can arrive between 10:00am - 10:00pm and from Thursday 21 July between 7:00am - 10:00pm.

All campers must depart North Byron Parklands by 5:00pm Monday 25 July. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Please don’t forget your Camping Ticket! It’s separate to your festival entry ticket. Every person who wants to stay in the Splendour campgrounds MUST have a Camping Ticket as well as an Event Ticket.

And if you’re driving, you MUST pre purchase the appropriate Vehicle Pass for the day you intend to arrive. You will need to print your Vehicle Pass and have this clearly displayed on the driver’s side dashboard of your vehicle as you arrive at North Byron Parklands. Please note Passbook or electronic files CANNOT be used for vehicle passes, as our staff need to have the “visual” of the PDF printout on approach.

Once you’ve parked into your allocated spot in the campgrounds you won’t be able to move your car until you depart the festival. So plan ahead!  Whatever essentials you’ve left behind you’ll be able to purchase at the General Store.

Large, elaborate camping setups are not permitted. No couches or other large items allowed!! So keep your bags tight and light.

Please car pool where possible. Besides, if you arrive with 3 or more people holding valid un-scanned event and camping tickets you’ll get a voucher giving you a $30 cash rebate to claim at the festival against the cost of your Vehicle Pass.


Listen up everyone, the system has changed for 2016!!! As you enter the campgrounds there is a brand new car search and processing area. Don’t be a dick and try to bring booze into the campgrounds, or drugs, which are illegal. Otherwise you may find yourself out on yer arse!

So…to be clear there will be full car searches, and if you’ve got any banned items with you, these items will be confiscated and you’ll run the risk of being denied entry into the event. There’s no fun in that!

When you arrive at North Byron Parklands, follow the CAMPING signs and here’s what you’ll need to make it through to the campgrounds

  • Pre-purchased vehicle pass (CAR PASS or TENT PASS) printed and displayed on the driver’s side dashboard;
  • Event and Camping tickets for ALL vehicle occupants;
  • No banned items. Vehicle searches WILL take place in this area;


This year, we’re all about giving you options! Those of you with a Camping Ticket and a CAR PASS will be able to camp WITH your car.

Those of you with a Camping Ticket a TENT PASS will camp WITHOUT your car.

Please follow internal signage and the directions of Splendour staff to your designated parking spot.

For those bringing vans, campervans, caravans, camper-trailers, station wagons and other vehicles designed for sleeping in, then the CAR PASS is for you.

The various campgrounds are located close by to each other, and you can walk between them freely. If you are planning to leave early on the Monday after the event, you will be at the mercy of those parked around you when you’re camped with or in your car!


OK campers…. Once you’ve laid the foundations and set up your digs, head to one of the clearly signed WRISTBANDING STATIONS located within the campgrounds, to get your wristbands sorted. You’ll need both an event and camping wristband to be legit.  

Expect some delays when arriving and departing. Please be patient. We will all be working to get you in and out as safely and efficiently as possible.

On Monday, you’re welcome to hang in your tent or get something to eat, drink chai and reminisce over your Insta feed. If you have an early flight or need to get to work, be prepared to be an early riser.

Exit from the campgrounds on Sunday night will be restricted between 11:30pm – 1:30am to allow for day patrons and buses to leave the site.

So, once your vehicle is parked in the CAR PASS or TENT PASS areas, it can’t be moved again until you depart the festival. If you leave the festival in your car, security will assume you are going home and will remove your wristband, so catch a bus if you need to travel off site.

You know how the Scouts have that motto: Be Prepared? Well, ours is, don’t bring all that disposable shit when you camp. Sure, it’s not as catchy, but it’s true. Bring plates, cups and cutlery that can be washed and taken back with you.


When you get to the event you’ll notice our super impressive toilets and showers! These waterless, composting toilets are purpose built so no butts, pads, or plastics please. The showers are toasty warm, however please consider others and keep your showers brief.

There will be a number of awesome food options available in the campground from Wednesday through to Monday. If you need other supplies, please shop for them before you arrive or you can hit up the General Store located within the campgrounds, stocked with all the tricks from camping gear, ice, bread, milk, bacon & eggs, to toothpaste, shampoo, condoms, and everything in between. There is another General Store located in the festival area.


  • Don’t be a space invader! Space is at a premium so don’t muscle in on your neighbours’ space with big, fancy set ups
  • Please respect the site and your fellow campers
  • Don’t be a tool!
  • Unruly behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in your removal from the site
  • There is no noise permitted in the campground between midnight and 8:00am. This is a designated quiet period for the benefit of both local residents and campers
  • Look out for your friends and fellow campers
  • When you’re packing up your gear at the end of Splendour be sure that tents, pegs, mats, ropes are packed away and that all rubbish, packaging or broken camp items are disposed of correctly in the bins provided
  • Don’t ruin it at the end by being a tosser…show the love <3

There will be a Patron Safety Hotline you can call regarding safety, medical or security matters. This number will be on display around the campground. First Aid services will also be available. The hotline number is 1300 940 928

While at North Byron Parklands, please go to your closest Camp Marshal if you have any questions or concerns.

We love North Byron Parklands and in keeping with our long-term vision we have a bunch of environmental programs and procedures in place to minimise our environmental impact.

Our Waste Warriors will be there to help you get any rubbish to its rightful home and into our clean recycling streams. Find them in their Tepees at the Camping Marshall locations.

Want to be part of a zero footprint tribe at Splendour?  If you fit the criteria for Camp Little Foot(print) you’ll bask in the benefits of a great campsite location, surrounded by like-minded folks who are keen to embrace a more sustainable approach to their festival experience. For those of you who seek to leave as little impact as possible, here’s your final chance to prove it!   Register your interest via email [email protected]

For those who have secured Family Camping Tickets we look forward to welcoming you to The Meadow, our beautiful family friendly camping zone. In The Meadow you can set up your kit with your sprogs, surrounded by other young families. The Meadow features family friendly facilities including a baby change area, bottle warming facilities and a dedicated Splendour marshall on hand to keep you in safe hands.  There is an awesome timber playground for the young (and young at heart). And it’s a flat roll with a pram or stroller to the main entrance and then straight into Little Splendour. Bonus!

If you have your camping and event tickets but have left your planning to the last minute you can try Tent City Hire for final camping options or check out our other campgrounds options. Last chance!


Every year we throw a legendary pre party at The Northern in Byron Bay that makes you wake up regretting going so hard on day zero… This year won’t be an exception, we’re back with one of the biggest line-ups in pre-party history! 





Your festival BFF, the Official Splendour in the Grass Mobile App (for iPhone iOS & Android) is available to download right now and it includes all the practical shiz you need to plan ahead plus some awesome new features.

home-phone-v2_iphone.png   side-menu-phone_android.png

Splendour Introduces… THE VERY SMALL SUBURB

8 months ago

Malls are so 2014! After a year sabbatical, Splendour in the Grass’ fashion, food and lifestyle mecca is back, bigger and better than ever, as THE VERY SMALL SUBURB.

With hair and beauty to keep you looking Insta ready, totally on-point new and vintage fashion, and tasty noms from the likes of the Unicorn Hotel and Gelato Messina, no self respecting social influencer would miss it! 

Need a touch up before The Strokes hit the stage? Make sure you have your hair and makeup appointments sorted ahead of time! Check in with your festival BFF, the official Splendour app, to make your bookings for Kiehl’s Rocks Skin Retreat, Sulis House of Lush Aveda Lifestyle Salon and the Rimmel Room. First in best tressed!

The Very Small Suburb. #nofilter required. #lovethislook


The buzzing Rimmel Room will offer free makeovers, makeup tutorials and phone charging bars over four big Splendour days! Be sure to swing past to get your on-trend base, eye, lip or festival look. 


Music has long been a part of the Kiehl’s DNA.  Founding family member, Aaron Morse, used to play music in the pharmacy to promote creativity when Kiehl’s chemists were coming up with new products. In celebration of this heritage, Kiehl’s Since 1851 is bringing the Kiehl’s Rocks Skin Retreat to Splendour. The Kiehl’s Rocks Skin Retreat will offer a Kiehl's in-store experience including signature facials to get you festival ready. 


Sulis House of Lush, Byron Bay’s premier Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Day Spa, is excited to offer Splendour festival goers the chance to freshen up over the weekend.  Sulis and Aveda will give you the option to sit back and enjoy a wash and blow dry, hair treatment or create a special Splendour style. If festival life has you feeling a little bit on the dusty side, then pop into Sulis and revitalise.



Gelato Messina is packing up its scoopers, gumboots and gelato-making chefs to open a ‘Mini Messina’ at Splendour in the Grass! They’ll be churning 3 specially created flavours for the event (Flaming Flume, The Stroke, Sticky Date Fingers) and bringing two of their best selling flavours to a cabinet in Splendour’s Very Small Suburb. Think burnt vanilla gelato with choc fudge, caramelised baked meringue, bacon crunch, duck fat caramel, salted peanuts, whiskey puree and sticky date pudding. Not all in one scoop. Or maybe it is…. 


Bourke Street Bakery is heading to Splendour! Sydney’s best known artisan bakery and café will be making real food from the best ingredients, the old fashioned way - by hand, with dedication and love. They will be serving up some of their most iconic pastries which have made Bourke Street Bakery a MUST visit destination in Sydney. Try the legendary lamb, almond and harissa and pork and fennel sausage rolls as well as a variety of other gourmet pastries and treats at the Splendour in the Grass pop up.


Single O are a coffee-crazed crew originally from Surry Hills, Sydney and now up in Queensland too, with beans in sweet places all along the East Coast. Single O will be bringing you espresso and filter coffee on their signature Reservoir blend and single origins, with a bit of hot choc, tea and chai on the side too.


Fountain of Youth was conceived in Berlin by the beloved Michelberger Hotel. Synonymous with the hotel's reputation for originality, creativity and charm, the story, from palm tree to can in your hand, is an independent project. They’re super excited to bring the monkey to the lips of the Splendour crowd, who will be the FIRST in Australia to try this delicious nutritious sip!


It’s the doughnut brand from Brisbane that has taken Australia by storm, and it’s coming to Splendour! Doughnut Time are the social-media savvy purveyors of sweet, with the incredible product to back up their imaginative vision of how doughnuts should be. From the oozing waves of Nutella encased in their ‘Love at First Bite’, to the sweet and sour glaze atop the ‘Melon Degeneres’, it’s only a matter of time before you fall in love with the unmistakable mint green box that keeps their treasures safe. 


Trotting along to the Very Small Suburb are our friends from Sydney’s Unicorn Hotel.  The Sydney Time Out 2016 Best Pub Food winner is set to deliver the best classic Australian pub food you can chow down on. And we aren’t talking your average counter meal!  It’ll be standing room only as people duke it out for juicy lamb chops, gravy drenched steak, delicious crinkle-cut chips and chook-raffle roast chook. Smash it down with a signature Unicorn drink including a 'Bloody Sheila' or ‘South Side’.




Moondust Merchants is popping up for a visit at Splendour again! Moondust is the ultimate online boutique where users can buy, sell and save on covetable clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories - as well as the odd piece of eclectic beauty for the home. From mystical vintage from Chanel, barely worn Isabel Marant to lightly loved Chloé, Moondust is visiting Splendour to sell new pieces from their favourite fashion friends. Visit to buy your iconic Hunter gumboots, divine Elke jewelry, bohemian Lilya frocks and snuggly knits topped off with snazzy new Pared Sunglasses, Moondust is the designer one-stop-shop in the suburb.  


fallenBROKENstreet is a mix up of space ‘n time hailing from the shores of Byron Bay, Australia.  They are covered in the mess from their youth but still stand tall for their dreams. fallenBROKENstreet love making quality felt hats, straw hats, caps, beanies and knitted jumpers and they’re bringing their famous fallenBROKENstreet bus to Splendour. Come along and join them for a ride. 

Established in Melbourne in 2008 and now living in Byron Bay, the Mr Simple brand is an exploration of simplicity in design, blurring the lines between function and form, tradition and progression, design and craft. 



Afends was born in 2006 in the small coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia. Founded off the back of a small screen printing business that was printing band merch for punk and hardcore bands, surf culture was added in to the mix to create the Afends ethos that they still stand by today. They are constantly evolving from range to range, adapting and inspiring future trends based on the Afends way of life. Come check them out at Splendour. 



Splendour in the Grass occupies a plot in the culture landscape of Australia, and The Daily Splendour is its Village Voice. Produced by Monster Children over the course of the festival, The Daily Splendour will be printed locally, and delivered daily to the festival site. Within you’ll find the definitive wrap of the previous day, all the bands and Splendour intricacies you've gotta see, and stories about the people that make the festival, and the surrounding Byron Shire, the unique place that it is. Part newspaper, part momento, completely Splendour. To find out more about 'The Daily Splendour' sign up here



Splendour Vehicle Passes on sale now.  Here are some fast facts to help you cruise down the freeway of fun:

  • ALL Splendour Vehicle Passes are strictly limited which means when they’re gone, they’re gone. And they will be gone!
  • If you’re camping at Splendour the options for vehicle passes have changed so choose carefully.
  • If you’re a camper you can either set up your tent next to your rig, or go car free and enjoy the serenity of the tent-only camping area.
  • All vehicle passes are non refundable.
  • Redemption vouchers are available for those who travel with 3 or more peeps. Please click through below for more info.
  • All Splendour vehicle passes are on sale now until sold out. They must be pre purchased via or phone 1300 GET TIX (438 849).

For a bunch more info and all the fine print on Splendour in the Grass Vehicle Pass options please click below.

Splendour in the Grass 2016 Vehicle Pass options:


Your festival BFF, the Official Splendour in the Grass Mobile App (for iPhone iOS & Android) is available to download right now and it includes all the practical shiz you need to plan ahead plus some awesome new features.

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8 months ago

Splendour in the Grass 2016 is just around the corner…like next week! It’s time to start planning your festival pleasure schedule but before you head to the app store to download or update, we have new faces and spaces to announce!

Camping onsite and wondering what to do on Thursday night? Our [Not So] Tiny Party at the Tiny Dancer Stage kicks off at 6:00pm and you’ll want to settle in for the night with the likes of Touch Sensitive, UB Boi, Fortunes, Charles Murdoch and more to keep you on your tiny toes. Plus, we’ve got a surprise act planned (cause we know that totally fucks with everyone’s heads!), but you’ll have to wait!

Start planning your Splendour 2016 schedule now!





8 months ago

For those who won’t be at this year’s event, here’s our tips for surviving #splendourfomo2016.
1. Stay off your socials.
2. Tune into triple j…

triple j is taking you to Splendour from 12:00pm Friday, right through to Monday morning. Tune in for live music, backstage goss and all the music news from Splendour in the Grass 2016.

If this isn’t the definition of a pre party then we don’t know what is! Our pals at Secret Sounds Touring are throwing a legendary Splendour in the Grass pre party at The Northern in Byron Bay featuring THE AVALANCHES * THE KILLS * METHYL ETHYL * HARTS * KLLO (DJ SET)! Tickets are extremely limited. Remember to sign up to the Secret Sounds mailing list for presale tickets!

Presale Tickets on sale 9:00am Wednesday 13 July
General Tickets on sale 9:00am Thursday 14 July
Visit for presale details.

Also if you’re in Briz-vegas don’t forget the official Splendour in the Grass Pre party (Brisbane Edition)! The lineup featuring YEARS & YEARS, LIDO, MOONBASE COMMANDER and TWINSY will have you dancing on the ceiling at The Triffid on Thursday 21 July. Tix are on sale now from here.

Get amongst what is set to be the parties of the year featuring a bunch of Splendour 2016’s finest. See you on the dance floor!

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8 months ago

As if the Splendour in the Grass program wasn’t already awesome enough, the Marigold Majestic presented by Contiki gives Splendour goers an extra reason to get excited.

From 12:00pm to 4:00pm Friday-Sunday, you will be taken on an exotic journey through the many colours of Eternal India, with workshops and performances to inspire your senses. Drawing on the cultural delights of India, you’ll experience vibrant colour parties, Indian dance, traditional drumming, Bollywood inspired yoga classes, traditional flower ceremonies, henna drawing and more.

And as the sun sets, the Marigold Majestic continues to bloom with performances from the cream of Australia’s electronic scene including the Beyond Bollywood AV Show by Sampology, Kato, Jayteehazard, Frames, Tyler Touche, U-Khan, Shantan Wantan Ichiban, Nes, Bad Deep DJs, Ego, Jesse Porches, Ariane, rui., Tigerilla, Barry Sunset, Luen, Post Percy, Ray Borner, Jazzie Jaz, and UNDR Ctrl DJ’s.

Expect a cacophony of sound and colour where the ancient past and the recently imagined future are brought to life.   

The Marigold Majestic is proudly presented by Contiki who are launching trips to India from this July 2016.

Marigold Majestic Presented by Contiki @ Splendour in the Grass 2016

Thursday 21 July
Tigerilla, Jesse Porches, Ego, U-Khan, Kato

Friday 22 July
Eternal India (workshops and performances to inspire your senses), Jazzie Jaz, Ray Borner, Barry Sunset, Ariane, Shantan Wantan Ichiban, Tyler Touche, Beyond Bollywood AV Show by Sampology

Saturday 23 July
Eternal India (workshops and performances to inspire your senses), UNDR Ctrl DJ’s, Luen, Bennis, Nes, Beyond Bollywood AV Show by Sampology, Jayteehazard  

Sunday 24 July
Eternal India (workshops and performances to inspire your senses), Jazzie Jaz, Post Percy, rui., Bad Deep DJ’s, Beyond Bollywood AV Show by Sampology, Frames

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Splendour Vehicle Passes on sale now.  Here are some fast facts to help you cruise down the freeway of fun:

  • ALL Splendour Vehicle Passes are strictly limited which means when they’re gone, they’re gone. And they will be gone!
  • AIf you’re camping at Splendour the options for vehicle passes have changed so choose carefully.
  • If you’re a camper you can either set up your tent next to your rig, or go car free and enjoy the serenity of the tent-only camping area.
  • All vehicle passes are non refundable.
  • Redemption vouchers are available for those who travel with 3 or more peeps. Please click through below for more info.All Splendour vehicle passes are on sale now until sold out. They must be pre purchased via or phone 1300 GET TIX (438 849).

For a bunch more info and all the fine print on Splendour in the Grass Vehicle Pass options please click below.

Splendour in the Grass 2016 Vehicle Pass options:

CAR PASS (camp with your car) – CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
TENT PASS (camp without your car) – CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
DAY PARKING PASS (day parking for non campers) – CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE


9 months ago


Festival philosophers and campsite theorists, it’s time to don your thinking caps as the SPLENDOUR FORUM returns for its seventh brain broadening edition in 2016!

Leading the charge are some of today’s most prominent and engaging thinkers, politicians, journalists, musicians and activists. They’ll be busting open cans of worms, tackling hot topics and making us laugh until we cry from 10:00am daily with live discussions, panels, interviews, secular sermons, literary salons and more.

From a former US military drone operator turned whistleblower to Academy award winning directors and ABC’s favourite Q&A host, there’s an impressive line up of personalities to clear your mind fuzz and whet your mental appetite.


10:00am - 11.30am: Panel & Screen Tests: BREAKING BLAND

Why are our most exciting screen stories heading online? Is mainstream TV censoring authenticity? Who is telling young people’s stories? Hosted by comedian, broadcaster and self-confessed TV nerd Tom Ballard, this expert panel share their devious strategies for taking uncensored stories to the world.

Bryan Elsley, creator of the ground breaking Skins series, will appear by video link from the UK on a panel including Deb Cox (Deadlock, Seachange, East of Everything, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries), actor/producer Rosie Lourde (Starting From… Now!), interactive gaming and multi-platform storytelling guru Mike Jones (The Kettering Incident, Wastelander Panda, Inside Out) and award winning screenwriter/director Billie Pleffer (Bino, Baby Baby). After the session, Deadlock Producers will run a live screen testing booth at Splendour Forum for aspiring youthful talent. See for more.

12:00pm – 2:30pm: Film and Panel: CHASING ASYLUM

Chasing Asylum exposes the real impact of Australia’s offshore detention policies and explores how ‘The Lucky Country’ became a country where leaders choose detention over compassion and governments deprive the desperate of their basic human rights. The film, directed by Australian Academy Award-winning filmmaker Eva Orner, features never before seen footage from detention camps on Manus Island and Nauru, where no journalists or cameras are allowed, revealing the personal impact of sending those in search of a safe home to languish in limbo. Chasing Asylum explores the mental, physical and fiscal consequences of Australia’s decision to spend billions of dollars locking away families in appalling conditions, hidden from media scrutiny, destroying their lives under the pretext of saving them.

After the film, Lindsay “The Doctor” McDougall chats to director Eva Orner and Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, one of the few Australian politicians to visit the detention center’s and speak out against them.

3:00pm – 4:00pm: APRA AMCOS Presents: SONGWRITERS SPEAK

Australian songwriters including Sam Cromack (Ball Park Music), Sam Hales (The Jungle Giants) and Alex Lahey chat to ABC broadcaster Robbie Buck about their musical influences, lyrical inspirations and the song writing craft.


10:00am – 11:00am: WOMEN OF LETTERS: Splendour Edition VII

Writer, broadcaster and actor Marieke Hardy is back for a glorious seventh year running, this time with poet and slam-nerd Emilie Zoey Baker to celebrate the beautiful, lost art of letter writing. Join artists including Montaigne, Wafia, Liz Drummond (Little May), Nicole Millar, comedian Becky Lucas, film-maker Eva Orner and others for our annual special festival edition of the literary salon Women of Letters, as they each narrate their “Letter to the Song They Wish They’d Written” - and maybe even perform it.

12:00pm – 1:30pm Panel: HOW TO UNF*CK THE PLANET

How fucked are we? Well, in the words of The Unf*ckers “pretty fucked – but we’re optimistic”. Thanks to industry, cars and mass consumption, we’ve made a mess of this planet, but we need to stop thinking it’s not our problem, that it’s up for political debate or that it’s just too hard to fix. Join Lindsay “The Doctor” McDougall as he hosts a panel of experts gathered to tell us about real, practical and everyday ways we can empower ourselves to help unf*ck the planet.

Co-presented by Green Music Australia, the panel will hear from’s Charlie Wood, CounterAct’s Nicola Paris, Ariane Wilkinson from Environmental Justice Australia, Caro Shields from Be An Unf*cker and Melbourne Ska Orchestra’s Nicky Bomba, former drummer with the John Butler Trio.

2:30pm – 4:00pm: Panel: DRONES: HUMAN HUNTING

It sounds like something out of The Hunger Games, but it’s not fiction. The US Drone Program is a secret military program designed to hunt down and execute people without trial or jury. Large, unmanned aircraft bomb villages in a strategy called “Find, Fix, Finish.” Hundreds of innocent civilians, many of them children, have been killed in countries where neither the US nor Australia has actually declared war. The deadly program has only been exposed as a result of whistleblower’s stepping forward to reveal the truth.

Like something out of a bad ‘80s movie, the program revs up its recruits with violent video games and loud metal music, before sending them in to “Find, Fix and Finish” the humans they are hunting. Come and hear two brave whistleblower’s, recently emerged from a shadowy world where soldiers sit in windowless rooms making life and death decisions based on blurry images on computer screens. Hosted by Dr Suelette Dreyfus, author of Underground with Julian Assange, the panel will feature excerpts from the explosive new documentary National Bird and other special guests and will explain the role Australia plays in this deadly secret activity.


10:00am - 11.30am: The School of Life presents: Lawrence Leung & Ngaiire ‘On (Not) Knowing’ (Secular Sermon)

Spend Sunday morning with comedian and documentary maker Lawrence Leung, as he explores his obsession with the unknown, with special musical guest Ngaiire.

In the old days most of us looked to religion for direction on how to live. Now we flick through the Sunday papers or surf the internet finding little by way of good counsel. In this Secular Sermon, Lawrence Leung argues that the “not knowing” of something is the catalyst that drives human endeavour, science and some less desired outcomes. He will guide us on a journey of critical thinking and ‘a-ha’ moments as he presents fascinating and funny hoaxes, conundrums, mind games, illusions - and downright lies. He will take us on a journey of figuring out, revealing why we seek answers, why we fall into traps, and how we might better understand the very human drive to “know”.

12:00pm - 1:30pm: Great Moments in Science: DR KARL KRUSZELNICKI

What’s the link between earwax and armpit sweat? Why do polyester shirts stink and why do we draw stars as having points, when they’re really enormous spherical blobs? Join doctor, physicist, mathematician and Harvard University Ig Nobel Prize-winner (for his ground breaking research into belly button fluff and why it is almost always blue) Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki, one of Australia’s 100 National Living Treasures, as he probes whether cows can make strawberry milk, finds out how radioactive you are and how much clouds weigh. Come laugh and learn.

2:30pm - 4:00pm: Q&A with TONY JONES

ABC rockstar journalist and Q&A host Tony Jones returns to Splendour with our special festival edition of Australia’s favourite two-way show that brings punters, pollies and pundits together to thrash out the hot issues of the day. Splendour’s Q&A won’t be on ABC TV, but punters can experience democracy live in action when Tony “I’ll take that as a comment” Jones is joined by Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, Greens Senator Sarah Hanson -Young and others. To ask a question, email [email protected] or tweet using #qandasitg

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After two ROFLMAO hilarious years, Splendour Comedy Club is back, bigger and better with four massive shows across the weekend. On Thursday, kick off your Splendour weekend with a bunch of LOLS when 10 of the country’s most exciting up-and-coming comedians take over the Forum tent.

Friday is variety night with YouTube stars Aunty Donna doing a full hour set and cult podcast Little Dum Dum Club live taping.

Then on Saturday and Sunday nights, strap in for two massive nights of laughs as Splendour Comedy Club presents Wil Anderson & Friends. Australia’s biggest comedian has collected some of his favourite acts from around the country for an all-killer stand up, with both nights headlined by Wil himself.

Featuring some funny folks you might know from the tele such as Tom Ballard and Michael Hing and all your triple j faves Matt Okine and Becky Lucas, and Raw Comedy winner Danielle Walker, Comedy Club 2016 is set to deliver the best medicine to your Splendour weekend!



TIMES: Thursday 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Friday 5:00pm - 7:30pm, Saturday 5:00pm - 7:30pm and Sunday 5:00pm - 7:30pm

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We are happier than a dueling banjo to let you know that the Splendour in the Grass Busker’s Stage will return in 2016 to present the finest acoustic talent the Northern Rivers has to offer!

Handpicked by us here at Splendour, all of the acts performing on the Busker’s Stage are sure to enchant, with punters guaranteed to discover some amazing new artists.

So guitar strum please for the local legends who form the 2016 Busker’s Stage lineup which features Indigo Sparke, Jesse Pumphrey, Hayley Grace, Lorelai, Matthew Armitage, Phil and Tilley, Riki Echotone, Simon Doe and Tay Oskee.

Be sure to check out these raw, acoustic based treasures who are set to shine on the Busker's Stage which will operate at Splendour on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

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While you're soaking up the fun at this year's Splendour, students from SAE Creative Media Institute will be putting their skills to the test behind the scenes, filming event highlights over three jam-packed days.

As part of their degree and diploma film studies, these super-talented students will be working the stages and capturing some of the country's most inspiring speakers at the fabulous Splendour Forum.

SAE is pretty chuffed to be the Education Partner for this year's Splendour in the Grass. With campuses at 54 locations in 28 countries, they're well and truly leading the charge in educating tomorrow's film, audio, animation, design, games and web gurus.

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