The Waste Warriors

One look at our local landfill facilities should be enough to convince us all that recycling should be high on our priority list. This applies double time at your adopted Splendour home this July.

Splendour’s Waste Warriors are Environmental Science students that have been recruited to help combat waste in the campgrounds. Their mission is simple. To recycle all that can be recycled!

The Waste Warriors will be working their way through the Splendour campgrounds providing information about recycling and general waste facilities for our campers.

They will also be giving live demonstrations of Splendour’s waste sorting procedures helping YOU to properly dispose of your own rubbish.

The Waste Warriors are there to help you get it right. Please reduce, reuse and recycle at Splendour.

 waste warrior

A battle weary Waste Warrior after a day of recycling in the fields Photo: David Andreas


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