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The Science Tent

The Science Tent returnsto fire up your inner Bunsen burner!

Starring Dr Karl and Adam Spencer along with a big bunch of braniac academics, you can expect cool workshops, acouple of explosions, a few bad puns and some hands-on science demos.Plus, your science hosts will be talking weird and wonderful topics – from the science of a shoey and how Instagram shapes our relationship bodies to the role of chemistry in rock ‘n’ roll.  We’ll also analyse some of the greatest sci-fi films with the worst science and cap it off with an all-star science squabble.

The Science Tent is proudly supported by Inspiring Australia (NSW) and Southern Cross University


Biometric Mirror

Fri 11:45Fri 14:30Sat 11:45Sat 14:30Sun 11:45Sun 14:30

Science on the Grass

Fri 11:45Fri 14:30Sat 11:45Sat 14:30Sun 11:45Sun 14:30

Changing climate, changing corals

Fri 10:30

Science of a Shoey

Fri 12:30

Dark Skies - Aboriginal Astronomy

Fri 13:00

Dr Karl’s Science Trip

Fri 13:30


Fri 15:30

Science on the GO

Fri 11:45Fri 14:30Sat 11:45Sat 14:30Sun 11:45Sun 14:30

Instagram and the Body

Sat 11:00

Testing Pills for Humans

Sat 11:30

Apollo 11 x 50 years

Sat 12:30

Science vs the Movies

Sat 13:00

Science + Music = Splendid

Sat 13:30

The Great Space Debate

Sat 15:30

The Biological Clown Car

Sun 10:00

Unf*king the planet: energy

Sun 11:00

Sky's the limit!

Sun 12:30

Beyond Coral

Sun 13:00

Glow algae, glow

Sun 13:30

The Science Squabble

Sun 15:30