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Final Event Info

For many this will be your first Splendour. For others, this isn’t your first rodeo.
But for all of us, it’s been 3 long years since we got the party started. Here is some vital information for our first timers and to refresh the memories of our Splendour regulars.

Splendour is a big town and while we want you to have fun, there are rules that apply – just like the outside world. Our top priority is always your health and safety, but you need to do your bit too. And that means knowing what you can and can’t do at Splendour.

We have comprehensive health services on site to look after you, but there are a few things you can do to help yourself so please check out our health tips below.

There will also be a strong security and Police presence in and around the site to help keep you safe. If you want all your bases covered, please read the hot tips, fast facts and safety info below so you’re up to speed and festival ready.




Other important info


Splendour is host to a number of awesome national and local community groups, charities and non-profit organisations. This year we welcome the following legends who will be on hand to create awareness, make us think and keep us safe.


Parklands is surrounded by townships with residents and small business most of whom graciously welcome you with open arms, so please be cool. Also remember, the Northern River’s has been through a lot in recent times.

Be sure to observe traffic plans and don’t speed through neighbourhoods. Please don’t litter or pee in people’s front yards hoping you won’t get caught. If you’ve decided to set up camp illegally on the street the Byron Shire Council Rangers will find you and slap, you with a sizeable fine for your trouble.

Splendour provides a huge economic and cultural boost to the Byron and Tweed Shires, but as responsible members of this community we also need to reduce the impacts of the event on the local area. Please show some consideration by following these tips:

  • Respect the local community and environment.
  • Do not enter or attempt to camp in the nearby nature reserve. Penalties apply.
  • Do not camp in or around your vehicle on nearby roadsides, parking lots etc. Council rangers will be on the lookout for illegal camping or people sleeping in cars. Maximum penalty exceeds $1,000.
  • Do NOT Park on nearby roadsides. Fines apply for illegal parking.
  • If walking in residential areas, please keep the noise down.
  • Use your accommodation as a place to sleep, NOT to party. Your neighbours need to rest.
  • Do not litter – use the bins provided or hold onto it until you find a bin.
  • Please use public toilets. When travelling to and from the festival, plan ahead so you don’t get caught short.
  • Avoid the centre of Byron Bay late at night – there isn’t much open, there is no public transport (other than festival buses), and taxis are in short supply.