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Lost & Found

Lost something precious at Splendour? Don’t get yourself in a state, Crowdfind will try and reunite you and your belongings.

Lost or Found something?

Lost & Found Items can be collected or handed in at the INFORMATION BOOTH located in the Main Festival entry – look for ‘I’ (for Information) on the map.

Lost something?

If you have lost something dear to you, all hope is not lost.

Search through our the CrowdfindApp below for your item. If you find your lost item, follow the links to claim it. If your claim if verified, you will receive an email with instructions on where to collect your item.

Any items located and not collected during the event will incur a delivery fee payable via credit card online.


Found something?

If you have found something dear to someone else, please head to the Information Booth located near the Festival Main entry to drop it off and our awesome crew will do their best to return it to its’ owner. Please do NOT turn in found items to security staff or other Splendour in the Grass workers.


If items are found during the festival clean-up they will be added to the Crowdfind app where you can search and claim your lost item. All items will be held for 28 days after the Festival has finished.


Lost Property Policy 

All care will be taken with items handed in during the festival, however Splendour in the Grass assumes no responsibility whatsoever for lost items left unattended at the festival.

Any lost items handed in during the Festival will be held for 28 days after the event in our lost property department.

Any lost property not claimed by its rightful owner after 28 days will be disposed of in the following manner:

  • Valuables (e.g. Identification, licences, credit cards) will be handed to the local Police Station
  • Clothing, and any other reusable non-valuable items in good order will be donated to local charities.
  • All other items will be disposed of or destroyed



FAQs - Lost & Found