Camp in comfort and style this Splendour with our Glamping experts Flash Camp, located within the festival campgrounds! Flash Camp will be your private sanctuary where you can enjoy a hot shower, massage, in‐house hair & makeup services and the comfort of a REAL bed. Flash Camp features spacious 5m diameter or 6m diameter Flash Tents fitted with warm plush beds, fresh towels, Armadillo & Co rugs, toiletries  and solar lighting.

Flash Camp guests will also have exclusive onsite access to regularly serviced hot showers and toilet facilities. All this plus a communal area, stylishly kitted out with bamboo furniture, where you can kick your shoes off and enjoy some downtime, away from the madding crowds.

Bookings: http://www.flashcamp.com.au

*PLEASE NOTE: You MUST have already purchased a Camping Ticket


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