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The power of music

Join our music lovers as they discuss the power music has to bring people together.

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One of the beautiful things about music is that we experience it on two levels. The first is individual – that euphoria of hearing a song you love, the feeling of having your hair stand on end as a response to that sound. The second is as a collective: the memories and bonds we make with others through music as certain songs become inextricably tied to faces, places, times and things.

So when Tinder asked if we wanted to partner up to launch the new Festival Mode, we thought that’s a good match. Music has always been the natural context for bringing people together over a shared passion; as the wonderful, and fiercely independent Jack River said when we caught up with her recently, “Music is this incredibly infinite space where strangers can connect to the same ideas and sounds and feelings. They can dance and sing and share in something that’s so much greater than all of this and I think that’s magic. You might not know the people that you’re standing next to but you’re singing along with them and dancing with them like they’re your best friends.”


Something for the music lovers

The Tinder partnership celebrates the freedom of being single and the beauty of individual experience but also acknowledges that sometimes it’s pretty great to share your passion for music with someone.

As journalist, model and music lover Elfy Scott says, “I think that music is great at bringing people together because it can elicit such a specific feeling within you and when you’re sharing those emotions with other people, that can be like a really sort of raw kind of delightful connection to have with people.”

Getting involved with Festival Mode is easy. Open your Tinder app and match with the Festival Mode card to add the Splendour In The Grass Badge to your profile. That way, you can let fellow music lovers know you’re heading to SITG and match with other Splendour goers you’re interested in connecting with, even before you get to the festival.

Why not give Tinder Festival Mode a go for yourself?


Equality, inclusion and respect

Music is one of the industries where respect, diversity and inclusiveness are really embedded and celebrated. “I think there’s a lot of awareness in the Australian music industry about equality.” says Jack River. “I’d say there’s a lot of incredible support for female musicians, and that’s emerged as part of the global movement of support for all genders and all rights and equality.”

That’s why the Splendour In The Grass badge represents so much more than just signaling to other Splendour goers you’ll be there too. It stands for ‘I expect respect.’ and sends a clear message to fellow Tinder punters on the expectations you have. “I think respect at a music festival or anywhere is about respecting someone’s space and putting a huge kind of focus on how other people are feeling,” says Jack River, “I mean, respecting that, noticing it, and making sure your actions don’t contradict or inhibit that.”


Celebrating single

“I think going to Splendour, the most beautiful thing is to be open and honest and to do what you want to do”, says Jack River, “Don’t follow your friends if you don’t want to. Go see the bands that you want to see. Don’t be a prisoner to other people’s desires. I’ve had the best festival experiences when I’ve done my own thing.”