Splendour Forum

Splendour Forum

Purveyors of podcasts, digesters of documentaries, lovers of laughs and slayers of science, gather round!

The Forum is back for another stimulating stint at North Byron Parklands in 2017, serving up three jam-packed days of brain-broadening entertainment.

Drop by The Forum tent between 10:00am - 4:00pm and prepare to rub shoulders (and minds) with some of the coolest and most remarkable personalities to hit Australia, as they tackle topics from all corners of the social spectrum.

From computer worms called WannaCry and election hacking, to understanding indigenous youth and deciphering what really matters in life… or is it all just #FakeNews? Ponder all this and more at the Forum!

This year you can calm your qualms in-between sessions with our newly appointed Splendour Forum Artist-in-Residence, Shannon Doyle, who’ll be painting up street art panels on stage daily. You’re welcome!

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