Global Village

Global Village

The GLOBAL VILLAGE returns to SPLENDOUR 2016, bringing with it a high dose of cultural fusion to inspire and awaken all our ancestral senses!

Located in the very centre of our SPLENDOUR playground, the GLOBAL VILLAGE provides a unique opportunity to delve into the rich landscape of Australia’s subcultures.  Like any thriving Village, you can explore an eclectic mix of offerings including; amazing world music; daily workshops in yoga and dance; creative circus play space; evening performances; morning meditation and late night jam sessions; connect with the wisdom of our original custodians; chant with the Tibetan monks; receive a massage from one of our talented touch professionals; witness live art in creation and lose yourself in the silent disco!

The GLOBAL VILLAGE is made of up so many colours, quite like the rainbow region itself!

  • 2016 welcomes the introduction of THE WORLD STAGE bringing us some hot contempory fusion bands from Australia and afar. Bridging ancient traditions in music and dance with modern day innovations and revolutionary perspectives, this new stage will redefine our concept of World Music.
  • We also welcome a new venue, THE BOHEMIAN LOUNGE, which will be the new home of our performance program by night and inspiring dance and culture workshops by day.  Also the home of Hari Har Chai, Byrons premier chai tea curators!
  • THE VILLAGE GREEN; surrounding the BOHEMIAN LOUNGE and the WORLD STAGE is where you will find circus workshops galore from 10am – 2pm daily.
  • THE HEALING SANCTUARY;  hosting some of Byron’s most skilled and gifted healers, massage therapists and tarot readers is undergoing a radical transformation and will be rebirthed into a Zen inspired sanctuary for your healing pleasure.
  • MINJUNGBALGUNYAH;  we welcome our traditional aboriginal custodians from the local Minjungbul region and beyond, providing us a unique opportunity to sit & share the wisdom and art of our original custodians.
  • THE GYUTO GOMPA; hosting the Gyuto Monks of Tibet who will be sharing daily chanting sessions, personal puja blessings and a traditional sand mandala ceremony.
  • THE VILLAGE MARKETS; an eclectic and interactive mix of local designers and culinary artists, sharing crystals, clothing, feather adornments, circus supplies, healthy food, body & face painting and other eco ware for the conscious shopper.
  • ELECTRIC GARDEN SILENT DISCO; returns so you can immerse yourself in a garden of delight and deliciousness where Byron Bay’s best DJ’s are pumped straight into our high quality headphones with 3 channels to choose from. Lose yourself in the rhythms, the sub-tropical installations and the botanically inspired visual projections.

We will be opening the GLOBAL VILLAGE at 4pm on Thursday 21ST July, with a traditional Welcome Ceremony with our local Minjungbul Song Man, MAGPIE and THE GYUTO MONKS OF TIBET, followed by night of music & celebration, the perfect way to start your Splendid weekend!

(Video courtesy Rishi Sheldon,
film student at SAE Creative Media Institute)


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