What to expect at SITG24 ​

Splendour in the Grass is a large-scale event with multiple stages of live music and performances. It’s a high energy event with a lot of lights, sounds, and colours, and many people moving around the event. There will be plenty of trained staff at the event to help you feel safe, and ensure you have access to support if needed.  

There are no seats at the main stages, however, there are viewing platforms with some seating available for those who may need it (more on viewing platforms below). There will be casual seating available at designated food areas and around the event site.  

There will be security present, and you may be asked to have your bag searched upon entry to ensure you aren’t carrying any banned items. You can see our banned items list here. 

Please note that some performances may contain moving stage lights and special effects, including but not limited to strobe, lasers, smoke, and fire.  

Please see the points below for detailed information on our accessibility options, and how to request them. 

Companion Card Policy ​

Holders of a National or State issued Companion Card may request a Companion Ticket equivalent to the ticket type held by the person with a disability.  

To request a Companion Card Ticket, please lodge a request using this form 

Service Animals

Service Animals and other animals that aid patrons with disabilities are allowed at Splendour in the Grass. If you have any enquiries regarding this please email us at [email protected] 

Viewing Platforms

We have dedicated accessible viewing platforms in the Amphitheatre, Mix Up and GW McLennan Stages. Companions and friends of accessible patrons are welcome to join the platforms, however we ask you to please be considerate and give priority access to those who require it.

Key Distances For #SITG2024

Southern Carpark to Main Entrance  -  1450 metres 

Main Entrance to Amphitheatre Platform  -  550 metres 

Main Entrance to GW McLennan Stage Platform  - 380 metres 

Main Entrance to Mix Up Stage Platform   -  350 metres 

Amphitheatre to nearest Access PortaLoo   – 170 metres 

Accessible Parking to Main Entrance   -  150 metres 

Accessible Campground to Main Entrance   –  140 metres 

Mix Up Stage to nearest Access PortaLoo   – 100 metres 

GW McLennan Stage to nearest Access PortaLoo – 90 metres 

*Distances are approximates and are subject to change 

This is the 2023 Event map. The 2024 map will be available closer to the Event dates, however, this map can be used as a general reference until then.

Please note: this is the 2023 Event map. The 2024 map will be available closer to the Event dates, however, this map can be used as a general reference until then.

Campground Amenities

There will be accessible showers and accessible toilets in a dedicated area of the campgrounds. 

Once you have secured your Event and Camping tickets, please get in touch with us using this form. 

Auslan Interpreters

We are excited to be once again, working with Auslan Stage Left! All performances on the Amphitheatre Stage will be Auslan Interpreted on Friday 19, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 July. 

Auslan Stage Left enables and provides access for the Deaf Community to theatre and the arts. Quality theatre trained Auslan interpreters and deaf consultants work alongside their loyal team to ensure that each event is an immersive, engaging, and accessible live performance experience.  

Auslan Stage Left are dedicated to the training of interpreters and deaf consultants in the area of theatre interpreting and are proud of their commitment to the Deaf and Interpreting Community, to the music industry and to the awareness of the beautiful sign language – Auslan. 

Accessible Parking

We have parking set aside for eligible patrons close to the main event entrance. 

To request access, please lodge the request using this form. 

You will need to pre-purchase the appropriate Vehicle Pass to access the car parks at Ngarindjin / North Byron Parklands.  

Vehicle Pass information will be available closer to the event. 

Taxis AND Rideshare Drop off / Pick up

Taxis and Rideshare operators will be directed to a designated zone at the Event. 

Sensory Safe Space

We understand some festival goers may need to take some time out in a quiet, comfortable, and calm space. The location of our sensory safe space will be highlighted on the event map closer to the event date.  

Hidden Disability Sunflower

Splendour in the Grass recognises the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower as a symbol for those who have a hidden disability and may require a little more time, space, or assistance. 

If you have a hidden disability and would like to voluntarily share this with staff onsite, please feel free to wear the sunflower so our staff can support you as needed. 

If you’re planning on wearing a Hidden Disabilities Sunflower at the event, please let us know here. We will also have Sunflower lanyards available for any patrons who wish to wear one. 

Bringing in prescription medication

To ensure that illicit or potentially dangerous substances are not brought onsite under the guise of legitimate medical needs, it is essential that those who wish to bring in prescription medication adhere to the following measures: 

  • Please ensure that the medications are stored in their original container or in a pharmacist-packed container (for example Medico or Baxter Packs) 
  • The dispensary sticker issued in the name of the ticket holder must be on the container or packet of the medication i.e. don’t peel the label off or carry someone else’s medication 
  • Bring the official prescription counterfoil or a letter of explanation from a registered medical practitioner. A letter from your doctor outlining your medical conditions and regular medications should be carried in case you need to visit the medical centre for assistance with your condition 

Getting Around the Site

Ngarindjin / North Byron Parklands is a mainly flat site however there is a natural Amphitheatre, with grassy fields and a few gravel roads. There are walkways to provide access into the Amphitheatre. But like any outdoor field, it can become muddy after continuous rainfall so prepare accordingly. 

Splendour in the Grass is a greenfield event, therefore we are often limited by the natural landscape of the venue. However we will endeavour to accommodate all patrons to the best of our ability. 


Splendour in the Grass welcomes everyone. Once you have secured your Event ticket, if you require access assistance, please fill out this form, or email us via [email protected]