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At Splendour 2017 we will again team up with environmental crusaders Be An Unfucker. Their mission? To get people to unfuck the planet one small change at a time. They believe that together we can still put the brakes on this, but only if we do it right now. How? By changing ONE thing from what you normally do. Just one. The hope is that one will turn into two, or more. And while this is by no means the complete list of what we can be doing, it’s a start. A super easy start.  Remember, what’s the norm now doesn’t have to be the same in the future. But that takes people powered change. So, they’re asking us to give a bit more of a shit, feel that wave of guilt when you take that plastic bag at the supermarket, buy that pristine white toilet paper or don’t recycle properly. Keep an eye out for their messages on the big screen at Splendour and check out their website for some no bullshit tips on how to be a great environmental citizen.

Rubbish Chump BigScreen



Boomerang Bags provide a free, fun, sustainable alternative to plastic bags. Boomerang Bags is a grassroots, community-driven movement tackling plastic pollution at its source. Volunteers from all walks of life get together to make re-useable ‘boomerang bags’ using recycled materials, as a means to provide a sustainable alternative to plastic bags. The bags create a platform to start conversations, make friends, up-cycle materials and work towards shifting society’s throw away mentality to a more sustainable revolution of re-use – one community, needle and thread at a time! Look out for the Boomerang Bag crates available around the festival (including the Very Small Suburb) for your convenience. Less plastic = more fantastic! Otherwise bring your own tote bag for all the extra shopping you might do!

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North Byron Parklands an approval for 246 composting toilets in 2013. Parklands worked with the Australian company Quicksmart Homes who designed and commissioned the 240 bespoke composting toilets and 192 low-flow gas-fired shower stalls. With the 6 pilot composting toilets built in 2013, Parklands now has an incredible 246 waterless units, which will significantly add to patron comfort and amenity. These award-winning loos also supports Parkland’s environmental philosophy to manage water cycles (water and waste water) sustainably. For more info on Parklands enviro initiatives click here.

Composting toilets

The Positive Change for Marine Life Pledge Wall

Positive Change for Marine Life will have a pledge wall at SITG! Positive Change for Marine Life have fantastic marine conservation initiatives in Byron and beyond. By Leaving No Trace at this year’s Splendour in the Grass, you are committing to protect local marine life! Check out more via their website: www.pcfml.org.au. By adding your personal promise to their pledge wall you are committing to making smart environmental choices at Splendour and in your life. Pledge to pack up your tent and belongings and take them home with you. Pledge to use the waste facilities correctly. Pledge to use the Boomerang bags on site. Pledge to not pee in the bush blocks and so on. Friends don’t let friends make bad environmental choices. 

#pledgeinthegrass #positivechange #pledgefortheocean


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