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Greening up your Splendour

Here at Splendour, we take Planet A seriously. So when you’re visiting our beautiful North Byron Parklands, we need you to be a good environmental citizen and treat our home with respect. Here’s how to enjoy the festival fun while keeping your green credentials intact.

Green Offset

First thing is to opt-in to our Green Offset – a new program that will deliver environmental initiatives within the beautiful northern NSW region.   We’ve teamed up with local renewable energy legends Enova Energy and COREM to help fund their cool and innovative climate initiatives. For just $3 (including GST) above the price of your Event Ticket, choose the Green Offset option and you’ll be investing into an awesome solar panel program that creates energy for our local community. (Solar) power to the people!

Sort it out

While you’re onsite don’t litter (or glitter), use the garbage and recycling sorting stations correctly, bring re-fillable water bottles, keep cups and reusable bags.

Don’t be afraid to use our award-winning composting toilets, dotted in pods throughout the site. They’re eco-friendly, waterless and guaranteed to freak out the city kids!

Designed here in Oz, these award-winning potty’s support Parkland’s environmental philosophy to manage water cycles (water and waste water) sustainably.

Pack smart

The time has come to do more with less. Pack carefully and please bring only what you need!

Please take all your ponchos, gumboots, tarps and tents home with you when Splendour is over – we don’t want it and neither does landfill. And speaking of tents, we believe a tent is for life, not just for a festival.

Bring a keeper  – it’ll keep you warmer, hold up better in the elements and give you a tent load of happy #SITG2019 memories!

Stay Tuned

Our awesome enviro programs will return for 2019 – the Eco Cops, Waste Warriors and the legendary Splendour tree planting program.

So if you’re keen to get down and dirty to help with the ongoing regen work at North Byron Parklands, watch this space for details closer to show time.

Over and out for now.