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Splendour Arts

The #SITG2019 Arts program is set to hit you with a suite of awesome new art works and installations to get lost in.

Buckle up! Splendour Arts returns to North Byron Parklands with a whole new suite of artworks, ready to take you on a journey through time, space and everywhere in between.

Prepare to get lost (and possibly never return) as you partake in performances, workshops and shameless selfie taking amongst an array of installations and immersive experiences.

As you arrive, experience our brand new mural in the Entrance tunnel by Splendour 2019 Artist in Residence Lee McConnell.  And as you leave for the campgrounds, gaze into Andy Forbes mad, mad world in the ‘Mirror Palace’. Get involved in the performances and workshops and even just take part by sending a selfie for ‘Face Off’. Take your best selfie and send it to artist Laith McGregor as he prints and pastes to build a large, evolving sculpture of portraits over the duration of the festival. Check into Hiromi Hotel and be amazed by the pure physicality of 5 Angry Men’s need to ring The Bells.  And clog up your Insta feed with pics of the Cool Shit crew’s latest celebrity pun, The Rock Rock.  Also, it’s the last year of Sam Songailo’s three-year project, ‘Gateway’ so make sure you take the opportunity to pass on through to the other side.

Hiromi Hotel : Brain Flower

5 ANGRY MEN – The Bells

COOL SHIT – The Rock Rock


SAM SONGAILO – Gateway 3

LEE MCCONNELL – Hypnagogic

ANDY FORBES – Mirror Palace

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