Cutting his teeth in Sydney’s tight-knit electronic community, Russell Fitzgibbon is an artist finding his voice. Always looking to understand music in new ways, years of restless experimentation led to the genesis of his most personal project to date – Skeleten. Skeleten sees Russell unfiltered for the first time as both a vocalist and producer. There’s a disarming quality to Skeleten’s conversational delivery, sparking comparisons with Arthur Russell and King Krule in its laid-back intimacy. Affirmations and uncertainty are rendered with equal clarity, hanging over the restrained instrumentation and almost meditative rhythms which give these songs their pulse. Through Skeleten, Russell crafts a sound that is informed by a history in dance and electronic music alongside a broad ear for raw and emotive energies from new-age and chill-out artists to city pop and dub. His productions seem more concerned with atmosphere than style, as eras and influences interweave to create something that feels familiar and new all at once. Skeleten is music for the moment. Emotive but understated, entrancing but genuine, Skeleten builds a space for the listener to step out of time, if only momentarily.