Megapixel has become one of the most known and recognised Australian DJs in the global psytrance community. First introduced to psytrance in Perth in 2006, she immediately fell in love with the music and culture and played her first set in 2008, quickly becoming a dance floor favourite. Dedicating many hours developing her skills she then started to hold her own events. In 2011 she moved to Melbourne where she continued to grow, now after 16 years since her debut, Megapixel has played at some of the biggest festivals in Australia including Rainbow Serpent, Esoteric, Earth Frequency, Elements, Dragon Dreaming, and Wild Horses. With hard work and determination driving her forward she also gained popularity overseas playing at Boom Festival (Portugal), Ozora Festival (Hungary), Sunshine Festival (Japan) and Dimension Festival (NZ). Her ability to mix her energetic style with the Japanese middle groove sound didn’t go unnoticed signing to Grasshopper Records in 2017. With her passion and skill for DJing, she continues to make an impact and you can expect her sets to take you on a captivating journey every time.