Sam Weston
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    Sat July 22

    Mix Up Stage
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Last year, the enigmatic Sam Weston seemed to appear out of thin-air, a seemingly fresh upstart in the Australian House-scene releasing a dusty collection of late-night/early-morning jams aptly titled ‘Shiraz Voyager’. With this rose-tinted house release in hand, Weston arrived on the scene and people took notice. The tape sold out within weeks.

Thing was, Sam Weston was not a fresh-face at all. He was here all along, although more commonly known as one half of influential Sydney techno duo – Alba.

Wanting to flex his lovin’ spoonful of hypnotic lo-flung house, Weston decided to release a handful of edits on his Soundcloud. Immediate attention ensued and Sam released the aforementioned ‘Shiraz Voyager’ EP to a pretty amazing response.

Weston’s productions harbour the laissez-faire energy of when house music meant something. When parties weren’t regulated, kids danced all night long and cared more about what tune was coming in rather than how good they look.

Weston’s follow-up EP, suitably titled ‘Never Been In Love’ sees Sam at his powerful best.

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