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    Sun July 23

    Tiny Dancer
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Olympia Henshaw is Sydney based composer, producer, and electronic musician Mookhi. Using myriad launch pads, MIDI controllers and effects, she is able to build unusual and lush tapestries of sound that are unique with every live performance.

Her ethereal and ghost-like vocals are treated simply as another layer of sound, adding to the eerily beautiful collage of motifs and broken beats, both rich and complex in nature.

Growing up in both Hong Kong and India, Olympia absorbed her musical surroundings, favouring dark eastern-based scales, chords and melodies. Capturing and sampling snippets of sounds off the street, she weaves distinctive layers of sounds together, creating unlikely combinations of textures and noises.

Following from the release of her standout single, ‘Foul Play’ (featuring Billy Fox), Sydney-­based producer, Mookhi has revealed her stellar debut EP ‘Lost & Found’ – a complete self-­produced and engineered effort. We’re super excited to hear it live at SITG!


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