Arya’s DJ and audio production journey kicked off in 2015, propelling her into the ranks of Australia’s noteworthy musical curators, making waves at global festivals. Driven by an insatiable appetite for deep umbra frequencies, intricate percussion, cheeky basslines, and daring arrangement, Arya’s untamed musical spirit knows no bounds, ever evolving with a fresh perspective that breathes love into the dance floor. Navigating in the realms of darkness and light, hypnotic and playful, her synergetic dance-floor flow cultivates a deliciously earthy and visceral adventure that unfolds seamlessly, night or day. Arya skilfully blends a vast variety of dark progressive psychedelic trance, unleashing an uproar of sound propulsion. Her fiery passion meticulously illuminates each set, promising an exquisite fusion of auditory delight.

Arya invites you to join a transcendental experience, where her boundless enthusiasm and eclectic taste converge to create an unforgettable sonic journey. Prepare to be swept away as she weaves musical magic, a testament to her unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of trance music and captivating audiences around the globe.