Miles Jackson

Miles Jackson is Byron’s best kept secret. After starting to collect vinyl in 1986 he became a regular DJ at Brisbane’s Afro Carib Club the following year. A move to the Melbourne underground techno scene in 1990, led to a transition to techno and Detroit house in 1994 and gigs at major events including many years at Earthcore (including a set on the Legends Stage at Earthcore’s 20th anniversary) and Rainbow Serpent, two years’ straight at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan 2005/2006 alongside Rip Van Hippy of Psy Harmonics, Hotaka Mountain Festival 2006, Cherry Blossom Festival 2006 (with Andrew Till), closing set at the legendary Exodus Festival with band Electric Barbecue, Tokyo Drome Festival with Tsuyoshi Suzuki (the co-founder of the label Matsuri Productions) and System 7. Miles Jackson has traversed the planet and the genres to arrive at The Forest with decades of experience behind the decks on a mission to play a unique style of minimal tech that will have the dance floor rocking.