FarfetchD is one of the rarest animals in the outdoor party scene. A wild one to catch indeed. This untamed beast unleashes tight drums, intricate bass, and sneaky, sleazy grooves with ridiculously large sounds to build the kind of vibe that awakens the animal within us all. FarfetchD has played at the top festivals in Australia such as Rainbow Serpent, REL, Earth Frequency, Bohemian Beatfreaks, Elements, Esoteric and many more. He has also sold-out numerous club shows around Australia and played internationally. This rare and unique species is a solid staple to any proper glitch/bass session. He has released music through the heavyweight glitch labels of the world; Muti Music, Producer Dojo, Westwood Recordings, Simplify Recordings, Delicious Music, Empathy Recordings, Monstra, Rough Division, GHC, and Junkfood Recordings and more. The innovative take on bass music that is FarfetchD continues to evolve, and fans cannot get enough.