Introducing SMISH, a Brisbane-based DJ, performance artist and event promoter, who brings forth her love for engaging and upbeat music to connect people on the dance floor, providing not just a sound, but an experience. She strikes the perfect balance between lively beats, driving basslines and captivating melodies to showcase the sassy and feminine vibes that her audience loves so much. Her unique talent lies in curating sets with a very deliberate progression, taking her crowd on an encapsulating musical odyssey that ebbs and flows in many directions yet always finishing on an energetic high. SMISH’s on-stage presence is second to none, and her passion is sure to be deliriously contagious and get the whole dance floor heaving before they know what’s hit them. She takes a lot of pride in her neurodivergence and channels this into her music, surprising her crowd with a uniquely fun dancing atmosphere every time she sets the stage.