Drop the weight of past and future, and dance like there’s no tomorrow. QLD’s hottest new dance world is making a surprise appearance at SITG! If you’ve been to NO TOMORROW ♡ ☻ You’ll know just what this is all about. No Tomorrow ♡ ☻ (presented by Kindacool & Felons Brewing Co.) is a subtropical dance world held on Sundays at Felons Barrel Hall showcasing electronic music icons and genre pushing prodigies. Having arrived in the summer of 2024, NT ♡ ☻ has hosted acts such as Folamour, Skin On Skin, jamesjamesjames, Willaris. K, Girls Don’t Sync, Logic1000, DJ Boring + more! Don’t miss this exclusive No Tomorrow takeover on Sunday, July 21 with a list of prodigies… and maybe some special guests!