Wrens are birds known for being small in stature, yet diverse in their colours and sonic range. Within the 88 species of wrens, not one sounds the same. As a DJ & budding producer, this WREN ranges from dreamy spoken word pieces to dynamic world electronic music. WREN is based on Bundjalung Country (Byron Bay), uplifting dance floors with a sexy concoction of Afro & Latin sounds, layering deep bass lines, tribal rhythms, with melodic, worldly undertones and live recordings from nature. People have danced to her music in many parts of Australia, at events such as Chi Wow Wah Town, Pranafest, Burning Seed, Elements, Island Vibe, Zenfest, the Celestial Gathering, and she’s opened for some of Australia & the world’s most influential electronic world music acts. Fly with her, as she draws inspiration from her travels to places that are close to her heart like: India, Africa, South America and beyond.